I am willing to bet that you have never heard of a woman like Mary Crumpton.

The woman was only 29 when she decided to see how far her sexuality would take her. What she discovered was not newsworthy, but what she did about it certainly is.

She believes in having many lovers, but rather than sneaking around to satisfy her unusual desires, she is doing it openly and in full consent of all the partners involved.

Polyamory Vs. Polygamy

In case you are wondering, what the woman is involved in is known as polyamory. Polygamy is a lot more familiar, although generally frowned upon. Polyamory, or the desire to be intimate with several people, was only apparent in pop culture in the 90s.

There is a world of difference between polyamory and cheating. In this relationship, all partners know what is going on, and their approval is essential.

The woman was very open about her intentions to her four partners, and it is surprising to learn that this kind of relationship can actually exist.

To the world, Mary is a girl like any other. She is married to one man. But on top of that, she is engaged to another, and she keeps two more as boyfriends.

When questioned about her unusual choice of romantic entanglements, she admits she began exploring at 29, an age at which she was more open-minded about what relationships should be like.

Before then, she was just a normal girl who had one boyfriend at a time. In fact, the idea of having more than one partner was alien to her.

She went on to marry her husband and settled into a normal married life in Chorlton. She intended to live with her husband for life. At the time, Mary was fine having just one partner, and she believed it was normal.

But that was society’s normal, not Mary’s. She admits that what society thinks of as normal is not always what seems natural to some people, and it’s the fear of being outcasts that forces people to stay within these societal limits.

What’s normal for one person…

Deep down, Crumpton wanted to be normal. But this effort meant having to fight her feelings for other people and feeling guilty for being an outlier in society. She thought she had no love for her husband, and when the marriage crumbled, she went ahead and got into another monogamous relationship.

But where did the shocking turnaround happen?

Mary was at a bar when she met someone who had more than one partner. This encounter made her realize there was nothing terrible about loving more than one person to call a lover.

She was immediately interested in polyamory and how it works.

But she was not bold enough to get into this kind of relationship just yet. It was only after a number of years that she shared her sentiments with her partners.

Her partner agreed to the idea of being in an open relationship, and they both found additional partners. Crumpton loved every minute of it, and her life was never the same again.

A very close friend quickly became a romantic partner, and the same case happened with her partner.

This was all the evidence she needed to accept that this was her true nature – she was meant to love more than one person.

Today, having many partners seems like the most natural thing in the world, and she relishes every moment of it. Her husband Tim also has a fiance, just like her. She is also dating two other men.