This Is Your Best Literotic Site For The Sexiest Fanfiction

This Is Your Best Literotic Site For The Sexiest Fanfiction

Who is your favorite movie character? Ever wondered what their sexual sides would be like? Thanks to an amazing Literotic site, you don't have to imagine anymore.

For the bonafide fangirls and fanboys, this site will introduce you to your favorite movie character's sexy side. It's called Archive of Our Own. But why go with this particular site? To answer this question, here are some interesting things you should know about it.

1. The Literotic Site Has A Noble Goal

Archive of Our Own is operated by The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), an organization that was set up by fans back in 2007. OTW has a noble goal. It seeks to give people access to fanworks and fan culture, and the Archive of Our Own was born of this goal. The Literotic site does not make a profit, and it hosts fanworks for free. It's all about people coming together to create something awesome.

2. All Character Pairings You Can Imagine Are Probably Available On The Site

What is your fantasy character pairing? Ever imagined how a pairing of Sherlock Holmes with Catwoman would be like? If you have, then you might get curious insights into such unions on Archive of Our Own.

There is one problem though, people like to tag as many characters to their stories as they possibly can. They do this for more views. But that should not put you off. Using the site's strong search features, you can still find the articles you want and get your dose of high-quality erotic literature.

You can use any trait you can imagine to filter through the articles and find whatever tickles your fancy. It could be characters, date of publication, length of the article, and so forth.

3. Content Of All Rating Levels Is Available

It does not matter how innocent or explicit you like your literotic - Archive of Our Own has it all. The content on this site ranges from "General Audiences" content to "Mature" and "Explicit" material.

Granted, that means a lot of content that might not suit your tastes if all you want is a site with purely adult content. But with the aforementioned search feature, you should have no problem finding whatever kind of content you desire.

4. It's Not Just About Movie And Book Characters

Although Archive of Our Own might seem to be popular as the place to find great fanfiction literotic, you will get access to other types of content as well. These include Anime, Manga, and even books. Cartoons, comics, and popular celebs are part of the line up too.

Some of the stories even touch on video game characters. But if the word of serious Archive fans is to be believed, if you want the best romance stories, you will have to stick to popular fandoms like Marvel and TV shows. But still, this is the place to go if you want erotic stories about any character you can think of.

5. You Get Quality Content As Well

The best things in life are free. In most cases, that never seems to be the truth, but it is for Archive fans. The site has great content, and fans ensure you can spot it easily through their likes, hits, comments, and even bookmarks. So, finding good content is always easy. No wonder some fans swear by the content this site can give them.

So, still interested in knowing how kinky or romantic your favorite fictional character can get? Give Archive of Our Own a try. Chances are that you will not regret this decision.