This Is Your 30-Day Self-Love Challenge: Become Your Own Best Friend And Hero

This Is Your 30-Day Self-Love Challenge: Become Your Own Best Friend And Hero

You don't need to backpack around the world or spend some time living in a monastery to change your life around. Sometimes, making seemingly small changes to everyday living is all you need.

It has been said that you need at least 21 days to cultivate a good habit, here's a 30-day challenge to help you on your exciting journey towards self-love, and becoming the best version of yourself.

1. Invest in a journal

Document your whole journey. Write down at least one thing every day that you love about yourself, what you are grateful for and an accomplishment you are proud of.


2. Make affirmations a part of your day

Write positive notes for yourself and stick them where you can read them throughout the day. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat them.

3. Buy flowers for yourself and someone else

Get a bouquet of flowers as a simple display of self-appreciation and appreciating someone else.


4. Get out more

Go for a walk, a hike, or take your bike out and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

5. Read

Whether it's a new book or the Bible, spend at least 30 minutes a day reading.

6. Laugh

Watch funny videos. Laugh your heart out at jokes. Don't forget to share and spread the laughter.


7. Replace a bad habit with a good one

Want to quit smoking? There's never a better time than today to start.

8. Do nothing

Take 20-30 minutes every day to simply meditate and enjoy the calm and quiet.

9. Declutter

Spend some time organizing a space in your home.


10. Disconnect

Get off the internet, make a deliberate effort to spend less time on the phone and ditch social media for a while.

11. A picture a day

Take a selfie and be sure to smile. Take random pictures as you go through your day.

12. Lend a helping hand

Help the old lady with her groceries. Get the door for someone. Buy a meal for the neighborhood homeless family. It's the little things that count.


13. Compliment a stranger

Put a smile on someone's face by saying something nice.

14. Pay it forward

Pick up the tab at the restaurant or elsewhere for the person who comes after you. It feels good to do good.

15. Volunteer

Volunteer and actively participate at the local soup kitchen or dog shelter.


16. Face a new fear every day

Get out of your comfort zone. Afraid of elevators? Ride one at least 2 floors. Talk to a stranger. Try sitting in a room with the lights off.

17. Learn something new every day

Make use of books, instructional videos on YouTube or join a class.


18. Take up a new hobby

Join a dance class. Start doing yoga. Try something new and interesting.

19. Take a nap

Carve out some time out of your busy day to recharge with a power nap.

20. Give, Give, And then some

Donate to a shelter or charity. Donate blood at a blood drive.


21. Cook for yourself

Ditch the take-outs and prepare at least one homemade meal every day.

22. Invest in your look

Book an appointment at the salon. Add something nice to your wardrobe.

23. Appreciate others

Pick one person each day and send them a thank-you note.


24. Be artistic

Even if you are not exactly the artsy type, work on a drawing or painting, just for the fun of it.

25. At-home workouts

Do sit-ups and practice some yoga poses right at home.No pressure to join the gym.

26. Dance

Let loose, blast some music and show your moves. It's very relaxing.


27. Visit somewhere new

Visit the art exhibit happening in town. Visit the museum. Go for an out-of-town road trip.

28. Stay positive about others

Avoid always bitching about others. It only steals your joy.

29. Date night with yourself

A nice meal. A glass of wine. Candle lighting. Along with anything else that comes to mind for a perfect evening by yourself.


30. Celebrate yourself

You did it! Congratulate yourself, and even get a nice gift to celebrate your victory.

A journey of a thousand miles always starts with one step. Start your 30-day challenge today.