This Is Why You're Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why You’re Afraid Of Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Our fate lies in the stars. Over the millennia, the ancients have passed on their admiration of constellations to us. We often read our horoscopes to get an idea of how our lives will turn out in the future. The stars affect our love lives. As a result, some of us may have some fear of getting into romances. If you're among the fearful, here is why you're afraid of love based on your Zodiac sign.


Symbolized by a bull, you are a stubborn individual. You prefer your comfort zone and change is a scary thing. Due to this perspective, you prefer to rely on yourself. You're afraid that if you fall in love, you will have to rely on someone else and they may leave you. Moreover, you are also afraid of the change that this individual might bring into your life.


Your greatest characteristic is that you are unpredictable. The only guarantee about you is that you will change your mind. You enjoy keeping your options open. Having a relationship scares you because you may not be sure that they are the person that's right for you.


You are affectionate, nurturing, and caring. You are never afraid to show your concern to the world. Moreover, you appreciate everyone so much. You are afraid of loving someone because they may under-appreciate you. Your expectations of romance are also quite high, and this scares you as well.


You are a lover by nature. Everything about love inspires and energizes you. You fall in love quite quickly and you are intense about it. Finding someone who can match your level of love is difficult. This is why you are afraid of falling in love.


You are a private person and only let people see what you want them to see. You keep self-perceived faults hidden away. Feeling worthy of love is challenging for you. Seeing as you are too critical, it creates an inferiority complex within you. Thus, you are afraid that if you fall in love with someone and you show them your inner person, they could be under impressed and leave you.


Inner indecisiveness and fear rule your world. You have a fear of being alone. This leads you to have flings, dalliances, and affairs. You care so much about how you are observed and perceived. So you are afraid of falling in love and having to show your real self.


You have an inner fear of being betrayed. It is so strong that you are constantly suspicious of everyone around you. This is especially so for those that are close to you. This fear is complemented by a constant demand for perfection in relationships. You want the people who are around you to be 100% honest with you. However, you don't want them to see how fearful you are. This makes you afraid of falling in love.


You have energy and a constant lust for life.

You are curious and crave adventurous love. You desire to have passion on a daily basis and you are afraid that the routine of love can rob you of this. Your fear of love comes from being afraid of getting trapped in a monotonous lifestyle.


Your self-control is astounding. You are disciplined and love order. Due to this, you are convinced that love is unpredictable and reckless. You over-analyze everything, and the idea of giving in to your emotions scares you.


This zodiac is characterized by the symbol of a ram. You are an independent spirit. Your needs and wants come first. You're not afraid to walk alone. This energy makes you desire to have a partner to love passionately. However, you're afraid that your sense of independence will be limited by the relationship.


Your need for freedom and time by yourself is very deep. To you, the world is full of amazing possibilities. You are afraid of falling in love because it could constrain you and limit your capability. Despite being loyal, your independence comes first. This makes you afraid of a loving relationship.


You are a selfless person. You enjoy going out of your own way to assist other people without expecting that they give you something in return. However, you are afraid of love because you don't want to trust someone and then get taken advantage of.

Everyone has a reason why they fear falling in love. These are some of these reasons arranged according to Zodiac sign. Strive to overcome the fear and go for the person that you desire!