This Is Why You Need To Throw Your Dating Checklist Out The Window


As an adult navigating the complex world of dating, you probably have a set of criteria that someone must meet before you consider them as a potential partner. While you may think that having these requirements will help you narrow down your options, it could actually be harming your chances of finding a suitable match.

1. It's probably BS

It's not fair to assume that all of your criteria for a potential partner are unfounded, but there may be certain ideal traits that don't actually carry much weight in reality. As you reflect back, you might realize that factors such as tattoos, facial hair, or shared music taste didn't truly matter in the grand scheme of things. It's important not to dismiss someone who could be a good match for you based on frivolous reasons.

2. Rules sometimes hinder your dating life

Having some standards when it comes to dating is important, such as avoiding individuals who are rude, creepy, or sleazy. However, being overly strict with your requirements can lead to missed opportunities and ultimately hinder your search for a partner. It's crucial to strike a balance between having some guidelines and being open-minded to giving people a chance.

3. You could disqualify someone too early

It's possible to misjudge someone if you don't take the time to communicate and learn more about them. Therefore, it's important to give someone who may not seem like an ideal candidate a chance to impress you. If there aren't any obvious red flags and the individual appears to be a decent person, it's worth going on a date with them. After all, what harm could one date do? It may even turn out to be an enjoyable experience.

4. It's sometimes the person you least expect who ends up being right for you

This is precisely why many people end up building romantic relationships with friends or colleagues; because they get to know them gradually over time and discover how compatible they are. Often, these individuals may not have seemed like a good match on the surface, but as they spend more time together, they realize how well they complement each other.

5. You've probably outgrown your checklist anyway

It's essential to reflect on your current dating standards and evaluate whether they align with your current values and beliefs or if they stem from outdated modes of thinking. As a person evolves, so should their dating preferences. Therefore, it's important to be open-minded and adaptable and reassess your non-negotiables. It's important to be willing to lighten up and let go of rigid criteria to give yourself a better chance of finding a compatible partner.

6. You're severely limiting yourself

The purpose of dating is to explore and consider the full spectrum of potential partners that are out there. It's essential to broaden your horizons and not limit yourself to a specific type or set of criteria. Take inspiration from the happy couples around you, many of whom likely never imagined themselves with their current partner. Don't view your romantic life as a burden or obligation but instead, approach it as an exciting and adventurous journey.

7. It's not fair to your potential dates

Consider how you would feel if you were on a date with someone who was constantly comparing you to their ideal partner. Dating is not meant to be a job interview, and while it's important to get to know someone who could potentially become your partner, it shouldn't be done in a judgmental or critical manner. It's important to approach dating with an open mind and not hold unrealistic expectations that could prevent you from truly connecting with someone.

8. It keeps you from exploring and learning

It's possible that viewing a date as a chance to get to know someone new can make the experience more enjoyable. Instead of placing undue pressure on your romantic life, consider it a tool for self-discovery and exploration of your preferences. Use your dating experiences as an opportunity to learn what you truly like and dislike in a potential partner, instead of relying solely on your preconceived notions. This approach can help you gain valuable insights into your preferences in real-time and enhance your dating experience.

9. You're better off trusting yourself in the moment

A significant issue in contemporary society is the lack of mindfulness and presence. Many of us spend too much time fretting over the past, worrying about the future, or becoming preoccupied with our electronic devices. One solution to this problem is to actively engage with the people around us. When we are fully present, we might be surprised to find ourselves drawn to someone who doesn't fit our ideal checklist at all. By being more present in our interactions, we can create deeper connections and potentially form relationships that exceed our expectations.

10. You're looking at finding love all the wrong way

It's important to remember that finding a partner is not a race or a competition. While it's natural to feel impatient in the search for the right person, it's important to avoid approaching the process as a task to be completed. Instead, try to let go of any rigid checklists and focus on taking things as they come. This more flexible approach to dating can open up new possibilities and lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling romantic life.

11. Life is too short to think so hard

Searching for love shouldn't be a mental nightmare, but sometimes it can feel that way. One solution is to take a break from focusing solely on your love life and work on other aspects of your life instead. When you have everything else in order, your list of desirable qualities in a partner will likely be the furthest thing from your mind. This more relaxed approach can help you enjoy life and potentially attract a compatible partner naturally.

12. You probably need to loosen up

Lists can be a helpful tool in many aspects of life, including dating. However, it's also important to remember to enjoy the journey and not get too caught up in following rigid rules or guidelines. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to living or loving, and trying to force things into a predetermined mold can actually hinder your happiness. By letting go of strict expectations and allowing yourself to explore and experience new things, you may find that life and love become more fulfilling and enjoyable.

13. It's time to take some risks

Do you ever feel like you're playing it too safe in your love life? It's worth taking a closer look at your checklist to see if you're using it as a way to protect yourself from being vulnerable. It's much easier to reject someone based on a pre-set list of qualifications than it is to open yourself up and potentially get hurt. However, true connection and love often require a willingness to take risks and let down our guard. By examining your list and being open to new experiences, you may find that the rewards of being vulnerable far outweigh the risks.