This Is Why The Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell

This Is Why The Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell

Have you ever thought that being in a relationship with a girl who has been through hell and back might not be the best idea? If so, think again. This girl might give you the best relationship of your life, and here are the reasons why.

1. She Is Okay With You Not Being Perfect

A girl who has been through hell has already left fairy tale expectations about her dream man where they belong – in the fantasy world. She has a realistic definition of perfection that will accommodate your imperfections. All she wants is someone willing to accept her for who she is, and once she has him, she will not look back.

2. She Will Try

A girl that has been through a lot will never give up easily. She understands that a lack of effort in a relationship can quickly lead to its failure. Therefore, she will put a lot of effort into the relationship you have to make sure it succeeds. Therefore, explosive reactions to little things and other habits that put a strain on a relationship will not be something you have to worry about when in a relationship with this girl.

3. She'll Be A Best Friend

A girl who has been through many hard times knows what it truly means to be a couple. Therefore, she will want to be your best friend so that you can share more than physical attraction because she knows friendship is what gets you past the hard times, not romantic attraction, which can be ruined by an ugly period in your lives.

4. She'll Stick With You Through Your Problems

A girl that has been to hell and back knows what suffering is like. So, while a regular girl might feel the urge to step back and leave you stewing in your troubles, this girl's instinct will be to support you until you make it past your troubles. She has fought similar battles in the past, possibly on her own, and this one is no different because she knows it can be won.

5. She's Appreciative

You do not need big and bold gestures to get her excited. She appreciates even the small things you do for her. A surprise kiss or gift is all it takes to put a smile on her face. She understands that the true meaning of love is found in small things.

6. She'll Open Up

A girl that has been through a lot in her life will admit that there were some dark times in her life, and she will open up about it. It will not be so that you feel sorry for her, but you can have a deeper connection with her. She wants you to know who she really is so that you either stick with her or leave. She cannot afford to pretend to be with you, and that also means she will accept you and your shortcomings and will not hurt you on purpose because she knows what it feels like.

7. She'll Get You

Whenever you express your concerns and fears, she will not need a lot of convincing to see your point of view. She has been through enough to know that you can feel uncomfortable about things that might not make sense to other people. Beyond that, she will go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable and reassured while going through situations that you are not too comfortable about.

8. She Will Overanalyze Situations

After too many heartbreaks, she has to be careful about some things. She doesn't want another heartbreak. So, she might overthink the things you say and do and might bring them up in the future if they become a concern. But this also means she will take your issues very personally and try to get to the root of the problems you are facing as no other person would.