This Is Why I Still Love You, Even Though I'm Not In Love With You Anymore

The difference between loving someone and being in love with them is well-known, but it can be difficult to grasp until it happens to you. I found it hard to understand until my relationship with you ended. Despite our break-up, I am still in love with you.

1. We have a lot of amazing memories together

Despite the challenges we faced, the positive aspects of our relationship outweigh the negative. We shared a lot of experiences and enjoyed each other's company, not just romantically, but in all aspects of life. Even though we won't make new memories together, I still cherish the ones we have and would go through it all again.

2. You were always more like a best friend than a boyfriend

Let's be honest, we were not the most romantic couple. Although we wanted to make it work, the chemistry needed for a successful relationship was missing. But our friendship was amazing. We had that special bond that everyone wishes for in a best friend, and we had it in spades. Ending our romantic relationship was one thing, but stepping back from our friendship was what truly hurt me.

3. You know me better than anyone else

You know the different types of my bad moods, whether it's hunger, menstruation or something deeper. You understand me, and I always felt I knew you just as well. Having that kind of connection is rare, and even though we are no longer romantic partners, I am grateful to have you in my life.

4. We've been through way too much for that bond to be erased

Although we are young, we have experienced a lot of challenges together. And during that time, we were there for each other. You cannot go through difficult experiences and then act as though they never occurred and that the person who helped you through them no longer means anything to you.

5. We were soulmates for this part of our lives

Although we talked about growing old together, it was not meant to be. But that does not mean we were not meant to be together at all. You were my boyfriend during a time in my life when we both needed each other. I am not sure how much I believe in fate, but if it exists, I know it brought us together for a reason, even if it was not meant to be forever.

6. We still "click"

Despite all the arguments, heartbreak, and personal growth we experienced, you and I still fit together like puzzle pieces. We may have struggled with the romantic aspect of our relationship, but as individuals, we still complement each other exceptionally well. It's rare to find someone you get along with so well in a lifetime, and I feel grateful that we still share that connection despite all the challenges we went through together.

7. I have so much fun with you

Whenever we are together, I laugh so much that I cry. You have a unique ability to make even the most ordinary activities fun and the enjoyable activities an unforgettable experience. And by the way, you smile when we're together, I'm certain you feel the same way about me. I'm naturally an introvert, but when I'm with you, I love being out and having a great time with someone who means everything to me.

8. You're the first person I want to run to when things go wrong

I understand that I need to maintain some clear boundaries now that we have broken up. It is important for us to have some space so that we can heal. But every time I have a tough day at work or need someone to talk to, it's hard for me not to reach out to you. You were my go-to for a long time, and it's difficult to change that, even though I know I should. I don't trust many people the way I trust you.

9. You're honestly a really awesome guy

The reason we broke up had more to do with our lack of compatibility than any wrongdoing on either of our parts. Even if you asked me to get back together, I would still decline. However, that does not mean that I believe you to be a bad person. You are a generous, kind, and selfless person and any girl would be lucky to have you. I hold no ill will towards you, and I would rather have this platonic love for you than to harbor any negative feelings towards you.

10. I don't need to date you to want you in my life

You were always more than just a boyfriend to me, so it would be ridiculous for me to completely cut you out of my life just because we are no longer dating. We have such a great friendship, and I am happy knowing that our relationship has evolved rather than being completely gone.

11. The kind of love we have never really goes away

I cannot stop feeling love for you, it's too ingrained in me. Even though our relationship may change over time, the love will always be there. Even when I'm old and grey, I know I will still think of you with a smile.