This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says Is The Creepiest Thing About You

This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Says Is The Creepiest Thing About You

People are weird, you can't argue with that. And examples of this are all over the place. We have stalkers, for instance, driving their victims to insanity and paranoia.

Then we have creeps asking strangers to send their nudes, or people obsessing over death. Some odd, insincere, smiles are creepy as hell. We also have weirdos who stand too close for comfort.

Point is: creepiness is all around us.

I'm telling you all this to prepare your mind for what's coming. That way, you will not have any hard feelings regarding what your star sign says is the creepiest thing about you.

And hey, I'm on this list too. So, take it easy.

With that, let's get started on the weirdest list you will probably read today.

1. Aries

You can't stop thinking about your death and the deaths of those close to you. It's normal for you, but not for the rest of us.

2. Taurus

Stalking. Both physically and in social media. Good luck to your exes and those who cross you. They're going to need it once they find out you are tirelessly tracking their every move.

3. Gemini

You are a two-faced liar and can weave vivid tales that seem like the truth but are complete bullshit. What's creepier about it is that you will lie about things you don't even need to lie about.

4. Cancer

OCD is your thing, and that makes you really good at making people uncomfortable about you. You can turn a good thing into a nightmare with your obsessiveness.

5. Leo

You will go to creepy and unsettling lengths to get attention. Seriously, you are blind to creepiness if at the end you see the possibility of getting the attention you need.

6. Virgo

You have the weirdest sexual fantasies, hidden behind that veil of shyness. The day they come out, you reveal how much of a freak you really are.

7. Libra

Your inquisitive mind never gets its fill of creepy things, which is creepy. Creepiness and weirdness intrigue you, and you cannot turn away from disturbing things others would like to turn away from and forget.

8. Scorpio

The creepiness comes from within you, and you lean towards darkness. You can think of murder, gory violence, and arson all day long.

9. Sagittarius

Sags can be cold because they like to distance themselves from their feelings as much as possible. Nothing gets to you, and that is really creepy for the rest of us who allow ourselves to feel.

10. Capricorn

While some of us are fantasizing about shoes and what to have for lunch, you are thinking of how you could murder your friends or relatives.

11. Aquarius

You have a strange kind of creepiness. For instance, you think of what you can say at your friend's funerals. You imagine saying good things, but why think of their deaths? That's creepy.

12. Pisces

Your creepiness can very well make you paranoid. You think of all the senseless evil things people can do, such as someone setting a mental hospital on fire, or an enraged guy showing up at your door and emptying his gun on everyone.