This Is What To Text A Guy After Making Out

Kissing a guy can be highly enjoyable.

Kissing can reveal a lot about a person and the connection between you. It can indicate if there is a lack of chemistry or sparks fly when the connection is strong.

The same insights can be gained by him during the kissing experience.

However, the conclusion of the kissing session does not mark the end of your responsibilities. Engaging in effective communication with him afterwards is a crucial aspect.

Curious about what message to send to him after a kissing session? Continue reading and we'll present you with some of the best options available.


It's important to take a moment to reflect on your emotions and the experience before sending a message to him.

The approach you take when communicating with him will largely depend on your emotions, future plans with him, and the context surrounding the kissing experience.

With these considerations in mind, let's examine how they can guide your plan of action.

Were you on a date with him?

If the kissing occurred during a date, the situation is distinct from if it took place during a first encounter.

In the case of a date, a romantic understanding already existed, and the occurrence of kissing suggests a strong connection between the two of you.

In this scenario, it would be appropriate to use flirtatious and affectionate language. Or, if you desire another date, you can initiate by asking him out again.

Were you just hooking up with him?

Alternatively, the kissing experience might have taken place outside of a date setting. It could have occurred during a gathering where he was also in attendance, or perhaps he was a friend whom you had feelings for and things progressed.

In this more casual scenario, the level of romantic understanding may not be as established as it would be during a date. It is important to consider your intentions and desires before proceeding.

If your goal is to continue casual physical intimacy, you can express your intentions through suggestive and flirtatious messages.

If you are interested in transitioning into a more serious relationship, it requires careful consideration and a gradual approach to avoid overwhelming him. With the right approach, this outcome is achievable.

Was it the first time you met him?

If the kissing experience took place during a first encounter, such as meeting at a bar, concert, or any other similar setting, the dynamics are different from those in a more established relationship.

In this case, the fact that you obtained his number to send a message so soon after the encounter implies that you made a strong impression on him. It is important to remember this, even if you may feel nervous or self-conscious.

Similar to casual hookups, it is important to consider your intentions. If you believe there is potential for a romantic relationship, it may be wise to avoid overly sexual conversations until a stronger bond has been formed to avoid miscommunication.

Conversely, if you are only interested in maintaining a physical connection, there is no need to hold back. Utilize seductive language and photos to increase his attraction towards you.


Check on him

This is a suitable option when you have feelings for him but are unsure about his feelings towards you. Asking a simple question does not require you to reveal your own thoughts and allows you to assess his perspective.

Additionally, by asking a question, you increase the likelihood of receiving a response from him. This approach also helps to avoid coming across as overly eager or needy.


"Hi, how are you today?"

"What are your plans for today?"

"How has your day been so far?"

Send him some hints

If you're interested in making the moment last, consider sending subtle hints to gauge his interest in repeating the experience.

If you are interested in pursuing things further with him after the make-out, you can drop subtle hints without directly mentioning it. This will leave him thinking about how to continue the connection with you, while also conveying that you had a great time during your encounter.

This approach is ideal when you want to keep things light and casual, indicating that you're not necessarily looking for a commitment, but still craving for the person's presence.


"Hey, it was great hanging out with you yesterday. Smiling face emoji"

"I really enjoyed our time together the other day."

Want it to happen again, and you're feeling confident about it? Ask him for part two

Bravery is rewarded with success.

So go for it, if you're positive that you left a lasting impression on him and you're confident that he desires another encounter. In this scenario, there's no need to be indirect.

So, if you're feeling confident that your skills left a lasting impression and that he's interested in a repeat performance, don't shy away from being straightforward. Your boldness will likely leave him in awe. While playing games in romance and sex can be enjoyable, being direct and to the point can bring an even greater thrill.


"How about we recreate the magic from last night and make out again? 😉 "

"Let's plan to reunite and repeat the experience..."

"I haven't revealed my top skills to you yet. Would you like me to showcase them for you at some point?"

Tell him he did something well

Everyone appreciates a genuine compliment.

Visualize the positive impact you'll have on him when you express your admiration for a specific aspect of your intimate encounter. Our physical abilities are often a source of insecurity, after all.

By adopting this technique, you'll pay him a compliment that he won't be able to resist. He'll instinctively sit up straight and swell with pride when you express your admiration for him and express your desire to repeat the experience.


"I am still amazed by the warmth of your lips..."

"I've been dwelling on your expertise with your tongue. Would you consider showcasing more of your skills for me?"

Go along for the ride

This is the optimal approach if he initiated the text communication following the intimate encounter.

Let's begin by acknowledging that this is a positive indication. It signifies that you've been on his mind and he didn't want to lose touch with you.

Observe the content of his messages and pay attention to the tone of his communication. This will give you insight into his current state of mind and allow you to respond accordingly.

Inquire with engaging questions about the topics he brings up and try to match his tone.

It's like having access to the answers for an exam. With the clues he provides, you'll be able to excel in this situation with ease.

What is the appropriate response when he simply says "hey"? Don't worry, this guide has got you covered with tips on what to text back when you receive a "hey" from a guy.

Send him a corny joke

A cheesy joke that elicits a shared chuckle and eye roll from all parties involved is an effective way to break the ice.

Employ a joke to showcase your captivating sense of humor to him. This will put him at ease and create a comfortable atmosphere between the two of you.

Furthermore, incorporating jokes, memes, or gifs into your communication demonstrates that you have a relaxed and carefree personality. This will make you stand out in a sea of sameness, where many people are similar.


A humorous gif depicting a kissing couple followed by a joke such as, "Did we look like this last night?"

The corniest pick-up line you can think of or locate on the internet.

Ask him on a date

Yes, you heard correctly.

If you've received signals indicating his strong interest in you, have gone on one or more dates, or can't get him off your mind, then take the chance.

As the saying goes, the worst outcome is that you'll hear "no," and that's true. But at the very least, your bold confidence will likely leave a lasting impression and could even spark feelings of love.

If you're feeling nervous, keep your approach light and playful when making the request. This will demonstrate that you have the ability to take charge when necessary, without appearing overly serious.


"Hi there, I was considering if you would be interested in joining me for the concert next weekend?"

"Would you like to join me for dinner at the new burger place this Friday night?"

"I have the Netflix and a cozy couch ready, all we need is some popcorn and cuddles. Would you be up for it? :)"

Not interested in him? Let him know to save yourselves some time

Your first kiss with a guy can be a valuable learning experience. You may realize that there is no spark or chemistry between you, and you prefer not to repeat the experience or take it further.

It's perfectly normal to feel that way. It's impossible to know that every guy you meet will be a match for you.

However, if you sense that the relationship will not progress, it's important to communicate this to him. Being honest and open in this manner will not only bring you peace of mind, but it will also make you appear mature and self-assured.

In case the kiss was unexpected or happened with a guy friend whom you wish to remain friends with, it's advisable to be straightforward about your feelings. This approach will prevent misunderstandings and protect the other person's feelings by avoiding the creation of false hopes.


"It was lovely to see you the other night, but I wanted to be honest with you and express that I don't believe we should pursue anything more beyond this."

"I enjoyed spending time with you last night, however, I don't feel a romantic connection. I would still like to be friends and continue to hang out, if that works for you."

Don't text him anything

This could be a more suitable option if you aim to avoid encountering him again or if you have significant doubts.

One alternative would be to refrain from initiating communication with him via text. However, this approach carries the potential drawback of potentially giving him the impression that you are not interested in conversing with him, especially if you hold an affection towards him.

On the other hand, if you lack romantic interest, this strategy could effectively convey your stance without the discomfort of having to articulate it to him directly.

It's important to bear in mind that either approach may be perceived as if you are ignoring him, which could be perceived as impolite.

In case you were actually fond of him, but he decides to ignore you, what should you do? Our guide on how to communicate with a guy after being ghosted may provide some guidance.


Finding love can be a challenging endeavor.

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