This Is What The Most 'Modified' Young Man In Australia Used To Look Like

This Is What The Most ‘modified’ Young Man In Australia Used To Look Like

Nearly each of us has something we would like to change about our bodies. But most of our intentions as far as this goes are pretty tame.

Maybe it's the turtle neck, the love handles, or a few spots on a face that you want to lose. That is not the case for Ethan Bramble from Australia.

It would seem there is not a thing about himself he would not like to change, and he has gone pretty far in this endeavor as we speak. Today, you could never guess what the young man looked like before he set out to modify his body.

What Ethan has done to his body might not even be considered possible by many people because they have never considered or heard of anybody who did it. For Bramble, plastic surgery or cool-sculpting is too conservative.

He likes tattoos, but he has gone a lot further than that.

The 21-year old says he is the most modified young man in Australia for a reason. He is easily the most modified young adult in the world.

It's true - he has pushed all the extremes in this game as he has more than 40 body modifications on him at the moment.

Ethan has dozens and dozens of tattoos, which take up 70% of this body surface. This includes his eyes, and that is pretty dangerous.

Apparently, a needle is used to make an ink injection between two layers of the skin on the eye, and it spreads out. The procedure is rare, and some people have paid the ultimate price for it after going blind.

His gums are also tattooed, and his teeth have a gold grill.

Ethan also has a split tongue, which he argues was the scariest thing he ever did.

He has plenty of piercings in his ears, face, nose. Yes, there is also a slit under his mouth.

The tops of his ears have also been cut off.

He estimates that his modifications have already set him back $15,000, but he might have spent more.

Ethan recently shared a picture of himself before the extensive modifications, when, according to his words, he did not look as interesting as he does now.

Many people modify their bodies, but unlike Ethan, they know when to stop.

Fortunately, his family supports his new look, but his mom had an issue with his eye tattoos.

His girlfriend is also fine with the way he looks, but she says that the stitches on his mouth freak her out. In fact, she dressed up as him for Halloween.

Ethan's case of extreme body modifications is hardly the first or the only one. Some people are even having their belly buttons and nipples removed and getting silicone implants under the skin.

Even though extreme body modifications might look scary, those who are into them argue that they feel more complete after undergoing them.