This Is What She Became After You Broke Her

She willingly opened the doors of her heart to you so that you could ride in like her long-awaited knight in shining armor. Her heart leaped with joy at the thought of spending forever with you. She chose to let you in to share the beautiful moments she reserved for only her one true love.

How did you repay her for the undying love she professed to you? You rode in like a black knight and trampled all over her heart. You were supposed to be her peace, but you left her feeling so depressed. What kind of guy does that to someone?

What kind of man shows love like that?

So selfish were your actions when you carried her heart like a delicate flower vase and went on to shatter it. You hit the bullseye of her heart but let it bleed out. All that you’ve done to her would make anyone who hears about it sick to their stomach.

She was unfortunate to fall in love with a cold soul like yours, and if she had known that she was giving her heart to a heartless monster, she would have run far away from you. Now that you’ve crushed her, where does she go from here, who will she turn to, how does she get over all the pain you have caused?

Pain has become her companion since you broke her; she hides it behind that beautiful masked smile she wears every day. You brought change into her life but not the change she wanted or expected. She has changed from her former trusting self to something else, something she doesn’t recognize. She just hides behind the shell that you made her crawl under.

She has learned something new from you after all you did to her. A trait so foreign to her that it makes her skin crawl, but you made sure she learned it, and she had to learn it the hard way. You have taught her always to keep her guard up, to have the drawbridge to her heart raised at all times, and to fear any form of love shown to her.

The most important lesson of all was that you taught her how not to love, to never love another except herself, and to regret showing anyone that she ever cared. You have converted a great believer of love into a loveless soul.

You successfully turned her into a cold, unfeeling soul, lacking any form of warmth for others. She has no more love left in her to give; the world has lost another lover of love to your cruel ways.

You made an angel fall, and she may never spread her wings to fly again.

Now she leaves her scars out for all to see, and instead of her heart, she wears her scars on her sleeve with pride. Swearing bitterly with vows, to never love another, and she cuts out her heart, so it never brings her pain again.

As vampires fear the light so does she because you bit her, and left your venom flowing through her bloodstream. She now stays in the dark, and fears to set sight on the light that love brings again.

Look at what you did to her; you sucked the light out of her until there was nothing left.

You turned a work of art painted with the bright colors of love into a worn-out colorless replica.