This Is What Real Love Should Look Like. It's Way More Than What People Think

This Is What Real Love Should Look Like. It’s Way More Than What People Think

Love is far from simple. It is much more than what people think it to be, and it is a lot more than what most of us accept. Love is accepting all of someone, from their good to their bad, and from their beauty to their ugly. Love is unconditional, and no matter what happens, it always remains.

Love is being someone's shoulder, anytime, and for no matter what they need it for. No matter how big or little and petty a situation is, love is being there. Love is listening without judgment and always having your partners back.


Love is accepting all of someone's flaws and weird habits. Love is thinking about the odd things someone might do that are cute. It is adjusting to different things because your partner might live differently. It is compromising and reassuring about new ways.

Love is spending the time to prepare a romantic evening and a home-cooked meal. It is not because you want to impress your partner or get lucky in the bedroom, but because you simply want them to feel good.


Love is going through hard times and working to overcome the hardships. It is communicating feelings and learning to move past things that happened in the past. Love does not use things that have happened to you in the past against you out of anger or spite. In arguments, love conquers the anger you feel because it is stronger than any other emotion you can feel.


Love is being open, even when it hurts you. It is honest even when you have done something wrong. It is hurting feelings if it needs to, in order to let something out, and then trying its damnedest to make it right again.

Love is remembering why you fell in love. Love is showing gratefulness every day for the person you love, showing and telling your partner exactly what they mean to you. Love is remembering the first kiss. Love is getting angry and then laughing because nothing is important enough to break you.


Love, like marriage, is being there in sickness and in health. It is making sure your partner feels comfortable and loved, even when they're sick. Love is not leaving your partner's side no matter the circumstances, whether in the hospital ill or happy and traveling.

Love is never giving up. Love is hope. Love is mind-blowing lovemaking. Love is connecting in every way, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Love is tender and harsh when it needs to be. Love is sticking together no matter what force is against you.

To be in love with someone is all of the above and more. Love knows no lengths and has no bounds. This is what love is, and you should never settle until you find it.