This Is What People Promised They Would Do If Biden Won

this is what people promised they would do if biden won

Joe Biden won, and some are celebrating on the streets. Others are checking out what people promised they would do if Biden-Harris win these nail-biting elections.

We all say incredible things when we truly want something. Some Democrats obviously didn't have enough faith, so they made public promises, which can be quite tricky to keep.

So, while there's dancing on the streets, many voters are going through hell. Like, how are they going to pull off posting nude selfies?

The best of "If Biden Wins" Tweets

Welcome to the hall of fame of the Twitter challenge "If Biden wins," Biden won, so let's make sure these people keep their promises. It's only fair!

That's ok. But, this isn't:

And this is sadly, the truth, but let's not be Debbie Downers:

Is this Twitter user trying to make America fat again?

We're rooting for Ashley:


Never, ever promise to post your nudes. Unless you want to, so you'd do it anyway.

This is okay, but at the same time, it's confusing. Is this a pro-Biden tweet? Because it could also make him very boring. Who knows?

The tweet is all about love, so we hope it goes well!

We're digging this costume, as well as this bottle? But, the colors are confusing, so this costume works for either party.

Silver or lavender hair sounds nice. It's winter so it will look lovely!

Good luck, it's always great to see a person taking care of their body.

Unless you're a vegan, who cares? Not much of a challenge! But, we do love Iris the song, and here's a tweet that we want to become true!