This Is What It's Really Like To Love A Girl Who's Used To Being Alone

This Is What It’s Really Like To Love A Girl Who’s Used To Being Alone

All the girls you meet will be mysterious in one way or another. A girl who is used to being alone will be an even bigger mystery. She will charm and intrigue you, drawing you closer to her in ways you cannot explain.

Sure, it will be challenging being with her. But trust me, the effort will be worth it.

There is a reason this girl is an enigma. She has spent way too much time on her own, and there is little you can do to change that fact. Just as a heads up, here are some things you will have to deal with when you love a girl who is so used to being alone.

She'll Be Independent

Because this girl has learned to spend her time alone, she knows how to get by without anyone's assistance. This can make it challenging for her to let someone else do the things she used to do. She is used to being in charge of everything, and giving all that up for someone else's sake will not be the easiest thing for her to do.

At first, you have to let her retain her sense of independence, and do whatever little she allows you to. She will be appreciative of it. However, over time, she will learn to trust you with more things and will be very happy about it.

She'll Be Defensive

The reason this girl is often on her own is that she does not let just anyone into her life. She is so guarded because she fears that those she loves will hurt or leave her. She takes a while to get comfortable with anyone, and she might even put up some resistance when you try to get close.

The trick is to not give up, as that will confirm her fears that you were not determined to be part of her life. So, you will have to keep fighting your way in, and when she finally lowers her guard and lets you in, you will be glad you never gave up.

She'll Need Safety

This girl has had a shield of protection around her for as long as she can remember, and now she has broken it down so that she can let you into her life. This can make her feel very exposed, and she needs some assurance that she is safe. She wants to feel that she will be fine because she does not know how to be safe when that security comes from someone else.

That is why you will need to show her that she is safe with you. When things get tough, ensure that you step up and reassure her that you are now an extra layer of protection around her and she will be ok and feel safe with you being in her life.

She'll Love With A Passion

This girl would not entertain your company if she did not care deeply about you. Those she loves to mean the world to her. So you can rest assured that this girl loves you to bits if she has decided to give you a place in her heart.

Breaking this girl's walls down will not be easy, but trust me, it will be worth it. Once she lets you in, you know that she loves you for real. Over time, she will open up, and once she loves you, she will do it with all her heart. She might be a little defensive at first as she is afraid to suffer a broken heart, but she will love you truly.

If you have found this kind of girl, you have discovered a truly rare gem and you should consider yourself a truly lucky guy.