This Is What It Means When He Touches You In These 7 Places

This Is What It Means When He Touches You In These 7 Places

Your man is attracted to you in a lot of different ways, and he will show this to you through the way he looks at you, what he says to you, and also the way he touches you. However, there are different meanings behind his touches. Here are seven places he will touch you and what it means.

1. Hair

The female hair has more significance to a man than you might think. It does not matter if you have short or long hair. Whatever the case, your hair could be very sexy to a man, and when he touches it, there is deep meaning in that gesture. At the very least, when he touches your hair, it shows he feels very close to you. Men love stroking the hair of women they love, and clearly, if you let him do that, then he is also very special to you as you would not just let anyone touch your hair.

2. Face

If he wants to touch your face you can guarantee he wants to get close to you. Your face has many features that men find attractive and want to touch. The eyes are what men notice first, right after they notice your lips of course! Lips will remind them of kissing and if they like you, kissing is what they want to do with you.

3. Hands

Touching people's hands is very popular, even when it involves strangers. We shake hands, give high fives, and so forth. So, his touching your hands can have a lot of meanings. For instance, what is he doing while he is touching your hand?

He could be looking deep into your eyes, rubbing his hand on your thigh, or even intertwining his fingers with yours. If he is doing such things, then know that he has very deep intimacy with you. But his personality is also worth considering.

4. Shoulders

Although you might not think much of a touch on your shoulder, understand that it can be a very deep sign of endearment and intimacy. In fact, a touch on the shoulder often carries two meanings. First of all, it demonstrates that he is very appreciative of your being in his life. Secondly, it means that he wants you in his life and will do what it takes to keep it that way.

5. Back

A touch on the back often represents reassurance. Therefore, when your man touches your back, it shows that he supports you. He is also letting you know that he will be there to make you feel strong and reassured. It is also a sign that he believes in you and he wants you to have high spirits as you go about life.

6. Hips

When he touches your hips, know that he is not just being friendly, he wants you in a physically intimate manner. He is making a move, hoping that you will return the gesture.

7. Legs

You would be surprised at how many men consider legs to be the sexiest part of a woman's body. So, if a man is touching your legs, especially your thigh, know that he is very attracted to you. Legs are considered erotic, and he probably wants to get you in the mood, especially if his touches run higher and higher up your legs.