This Is What It Feels Like To Finally Be With Your Forever Person

A forever person is unlike anyone you had ever dreamed about or met. This person's entry into your life will make everything change for the better. Your whole world will be transformed in an instant.

No, you don't get 'pick' your forever person. That's not how love works.

With this person, it will not be like it was with your past relationships, which all ended when you could not stand the toxicity or the lack of chemistry anymore.

Things will be different this time

The forever person will make you feel amazing, and they will appreciate you and all you are.

You will not be afraid to show them who you truly are. As a matter of fact, you will be dying to. This person will stick with you through your hardest times. With this person at your side, you will feel capable of overcoming anything that life throws at you.

All the negative emotions you felt in the bad relationships you went through will be replaced by good things.

In place of insecurity, you will feel peace

Waiting by the phone hoping they will call will no longer be your life – they will actually call.

Your love and relationship will seem effortless, and they will make your family happy with their good intentions towards you.

Their 'I love you's' will be true and believable. You will get them all the time.

No misunderstanding will go unresolved

The nights of crying yourself to sleep will be a thing of the past. There will be no assumptions about where you should be in the relationship, as you will see things as they are, and it will be beautiful.

You will not have to make a monumental amount of effort to feel valued because your forever person will let you know just how important you are to them all the time.

Through pure happiness and joy, you will become a whole new you

With this person, you will know when they are hiding something and when they are upset. They will see your soul as it is, and will do all they can to bring back the joy in your life if something is troubling you.

Few things can be as wonderful as being with your forever person, With this person, your life will have a new energy about it

When you face various adversities, the person will be there to help you out. If you are sick, this person will stand by you and give you all the support you need. You will never have to ask where is your rock when you are going through a rough patch in your life.

The person will believe in you and everything you can achieve out of life

You will feel better about yourself, and the minor issues that seemed to get you down will no longer be a challenge for you.

If this person is not yet in your life, know that he or she will be. Just be patient, and most of all, believe that he or she exists and you will find your way to each other. You have a beautiful destiny to share.