This Is What I Learned From Loving Someone Who Didn't Love Me

This Is What I Learned From Loving Someone Who Didn’t Love Me

When we met for the first time five years ago, I believed I had found the love of my life. I could honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with this man.

Of all the men I had met, he had managed to break down my walls and find a place in my heart. The feeling was without compare, and I loved every minute of it. Being in love was so beautiful.

The connection he and I shared was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I opened up to him in ways I never thought possible, and you know what? It was wonderful!


Emotionally speaking, I was completely naked before him. He had aroused something in me I never thought existed. At that moment, I felt like I was previously living in the dark and had finally seen the sunlight.

Passionate desire burned within me. I felt free and uninhibited in every possible way. All along, I had been unknowingly living in a prison, but now I was free.

If you could have asked me, I could have told you I was living my fantasy love story now that I had him in my life.


But when the truth was later revealed, it turns out I was living out a fantasy, and the problem was that I had managed to convince myself that every part of it was real.

I was hopelessly lost in a delusion.

Although I loved the man, he did not love me as much. So intense was my love for him that he held on despite the fact that he had no love for me.

I can't recall ever hurting so much when I finally realized the bitter truth about the nature of our relationship. I had to accept the most painful thing ever - there would never come a time when he would love me as much as I loved him.


But even though everything went to hell, I can honestly say that this was a very important experience in my life.

Falling in love with him was without a doubt a mistake of a lifetime. But my experience with him was undoubtedly a lesson that I treasure.

From him, I learned how important it is to keep it real. I also learned the value of sincerity and remaining true to oneself.

When we first met, I fell in love immediately, and I fell hard.


But with time, I had a lingering feeling that I had fallen in love with the wrong man. I could see the red flags all over, but I ignored them. My heart was in charge, and it was full of love.

If I did not push these thoughts aside and if I had remained honest with myself, I could have avoided the incredible pain I suffered over this relationship.

I gave the relationship my all. I was growing desperate as I was waiting for him to express his love for me - the sort of love I had for him. At the back of my mind, I knew it was because he had no love to express.


But I did not accept that truth. I let this thing drag on for so long, and that is why it hurt so badly when I was finally ready to accept the truth.

The relationship was without love and care. I did not get treated as I deserved, and I never once felt safe and secure. I learned this the hard way.

I believe I made these painful mistakes out of the naivety of my youth. The relationship was doomed even before it began, and I never had the foresight to see that and avoid falling so deeply in love with the wrong person.


Take it from me - not everyone deserves your time and energy. Be wise in your choice of who gets your love and you will avoid a lot of heartbreaks.