This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Go To Sleep With A Fan On

This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Go To Sleep With A Fan On

If you're like most people, you like to sleep with the fan on at night. It helps to cool the room down because everyone will agree, there's nothing worse than sweating while sleeping. But few people actually sit back and think about what happens to your body if you sleep with the fan on. I know I've never thought about it.

Now the big question people are starting to wonder about is sleeping with a fan actually good or bad for you? As it turns out, there are actually some pretty big negative side effects that might make you think twice about keeping it on.

After scouring the internet, we came across the worst things that happen to your body while sleeping with the fan on:

1. Sore Muscles
This one makes a ton of sense. Muscles often get stiff when cold air is in contact with a part of your body for a long time. It's the reason why athletes are always moving around in cold weather. The longer they sit still, the more tense and sore their muscles get. If your fan's cool air is hitting the same part of your body the entire night, you can bet you'll wake up with stiff muscles.

2. Allergies
If you have ever had allergies or suffered from Asthma, you often know times your biggest enemy is dust. So now imagine what a fan really does. It circulates everything in your room all night. This means your bound to breathe in this dust. Sometimes it's more than dust, and you're spreading around germs that can make you sick. So when you wake up, your throat hurts and you can't stop sneezing.

3. Dried Up Sinuses
In the same way, cold air can cause stiff muscles. It can always cause super dry sinuses. Imagine a fan hitting your face all night. Whatever moisture you had, will bound to be dry. This is why some people tend to get nosebleeds in their sleep. Extra dry sinuses can lead to this. Other side effects of dry air on your face all night are waking up with bloodshot eyes that hurt and a throat so dry it even hurts to drink water.

While these side effects may deter some people from using a fan, many people will say the benefits of a fan still outweigh the negatives. If you still prefer to sleep with one on, there are some precautions you can take if you're worried. The easiest is to sleep with the fan away from hitting your face and add an air purifier to your room. It also helps to at least once a week to wipe down all the blades to get rid of the dust and germs.

People across the internet have weighed in on how they feel about sleeping with a fan on and it's clear no matter how bad the side effects may be. They'll never give it up.

Of course, if you are worried about these effects and like to sleep in the cold, you can just crank up your air conditioning.