This Is What Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Born As Men

They are gorgeous as they are famous. But, let’s face it: many lovely ladies were fortunate to come to this planet as females. To prove a point, using a FaceApp, fans did their best to show us just how these genetically blessed ladies got simply by being born as females.


this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

Fifteen years after the Bajan singer, designer, actress, and one of the sexiest women on the planet became a superstar, it’s safe to say that she looks better than ever.

As a strong, confident businesswoman, Rihanna is now a synonym for success. Needless to say that her beauty is outstanding, and should make an attractive guy as well.

Kate Middleton

this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

The future Queen Consort, Kate Middleton, is known as a beautiful English rose. Her perfect brown locks, green eyes, and polished outfits made her one of the most significant XXI century royals.

Mom of three, Duchess of Cambridge, is an art major at the College of St Andrews. But, would she be able to score Prince William as a guy?

Well, no, but she wouldn’t look bad either. Perhaps one of the York sisters, but it’s not the same as marrying the second to the British throne. Or Lady Diana’s firstborn son. Let’s be fair: being born female gave Kate Middleton a massive advantage in the world.

Meghan Markle

this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

Speaking of the Royals, Prince William’s younger brother’s wifey was a model and an actress before becoming a Duchess. Simply known as Meghan Markle, she made a career on a TV show Suits, where her figure-hugging clothes gave her a lot of fans.

Markle is Northwestern educated, and briefly, she considered a career in diplomacy. If she were born as a guy, she wouldn’t marry Harry. Perhaps she would become an ambassador or the future POTUS.

Princess Henry has a feminine allure, so seeing her as a guy looks wrong. It’s like she makes a gorgeous woman, but an average dude. Luckily, this is just a Face App.

Jennifer Aniston

this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

The whole world loves Jennifer Aniston since she’s the ultimate girl next door. Her epic role of Rachel in Friends made her a star, but her career didn’t stop there.

Combined with her exciting love life, minimalistic style, and laid back approach to fame, Aniston was never a classic beauty, but someone you have to love.

As a man, she would look a bit like younger Iggy Pop, and no matter how much we love the musician, that’s not a compliment. Let’s just say she would never become a household name if she were a boy.


this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

She’s sexy, wild, yet humble and down to earth. Shakira, just like Aniston, is one of those celebrities you can’t honestly dislike.

From her locks to hips, the Colombian artist is all woman. So, what would such a delicate, feminine creature look if she was born a male?

We see a bit of Harry Styles vibes going on but not enough to make Shakira a male superstar. Some people were simply born to be either a woman or a man. Shakira’s all woman.

Marilyn Monroe

this is what celebrities would look like if they were born as men

If Marilyn Monroe were born as a male, her life would most likely be happier. But, we wouldn’t get one of the sexiest women ever, which would be such a shame.

Monroe died back in 1962, yet she’s still every straight man’s fantasy. Her curves, lips, platinum blonde hair, everything about this lady was pure sex appeal. She made the world laugh for over ten years by playing a ditzy blonde. But what would happen if she was born as a male?

Well, it’s not that she wouldn’t make an attractive male. Sort of like Brad Pitt, but still, it’s nowhere near the beauty she gave us as Norma Jean. Norman would probably have a short-lived career in entertainment, grow a belly, and became an alcoholic.

And there you go, folks. It’s a man’s world, but being born a woman comes with many perks. We have better fashion choices; we can give birth and use our sexuality to get what we want. You don’t have to like it, but pretty girls often get praised for being just that: gorgeous.

These ladies know how to work their magic and use beauty as a weapon. So, what are you waiting for?