This Is What A Healthy Relationship Should Look Like

This Is What A Healthy Relationship Should Look Like

I think that too many people often mistake bad relationships for good ones. Sometimes it's hard to be alone, and we often accept anything just to have someone; because someone is better than no one, right? It's hard to understand what we deserve at times, and that causes us to make decisions to be with people who don't treat us right.

If you find yourself questioning if you are with the right person, the following indicators may be able to help you decide if they are the one. Remember that in all relationships, there will be differences and things that don't go right between you, but if you have some of or all of the traits below, you are likely in a healthy relationship that you should never let go off!.

• Reminding each other of the good that you see in one another.

• Listening to all of each other's thoughts, feelings, and concerns, respectfully.

• Never intentionally or maliciously hurting the other out of anger, by action, or by words.

• You encourage and empower one another to become better and reach goals in life.

• You don't take your insecurities out on one another, instead talk them through and reassure one another.

• You are friends with your partner's friends, and your partner is friends with your friends.

• You are gentle and emotional with each other and know you can lean on each other.

• You don't hold your pasts against one another. What has happened, has happened. You have let it go and do not bring it up out of anger.

• You feel like your true selves around each other. You can be as silly, emotional, or as free as you want because you are not ashamed of anything with each other.

• You communicate well, and you don't need to talk over one another to get the point across. You hear each other out with patience and understanding.

• You both have a sense of independence. You do not need to be up to each other's butts 24/7. You can go out with your friends and have a good time and trust that your partner is doing right. You don't need to see or hear from each other every minute of the day because you know what you have is real, and you can trust and have independence outside of your relationship.

• You never have to question how important you are. You're never left wondering if your partner is going to show up or call because they always do when they say they will.

If your relationship is like how described above, you are in a very healthy relationship, and you should never give up on it! Good relationships are hard to come by these days, so if you find a great partner and your relationship is healthy, make it work! It will be well worth it!