This Is The Woman You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is The Woman You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You have heard it sang that love is written in the stars. But so is your character and your future, if you are to take astrologers at their word. If it was meant to be, it will be. And that's that.

So, it is because it was meant to be. The woman you are, however people describe you, is a product of the destiny that was cut out for you long before you entered this world.

Life is an endless mystery, and this fountain of riddles wells from deep within us. For instance, how many of us truly know ourselves? Be honest.


We learn as much about ourselves as we do about the world and everything in it every single day.

So, don't tell us you know exactly the woman you are. We won't buy it.

That's why I am here to set you straight by telling you the kind of woman you are, how people see you, and the romantic destiny that might await you based on your star sign.

So, stay with me. This might be the missing piece of the puzzle as you seek answers to your personal or professional mysteries.


Here's what the stars say about the woman you are.

1. Gemini

If you are a Gemini, you can create, think, come up with ideas, and change the world. You can even say you have a golden touch since your rare blend of imagination, resourcefulness, and drive make you bring positive change wherever you go.

But this comes from the power hidden deep within you. Luckily, you are well-aware of its existence, and use it with moderation. But still, we can't help but stand back and admire you as you use your creative faculties to whip up beautiful worlds around us.


2. Taurus

Ever heard of will of character. Yep, Taurean women have truckloads of it. If you are among these women, you have immense drive, are full of courage, and are totally fearless in your defense of yourself and those you care about.

As a Taurus woman, you are naturally caring, and will often go the extra mile to help out a friend. In your personal life, your love is usually unconditional and deep.


Whatever you do, you do it with all your might. So, people better be careful not to provoke you into a fight. They might be in for more than they expected. But by all means winning your love is worth it, the world admires you as lovers.

3. Leo

Many people go about life not knowing what their purpose in this world could be. But not a Leo woman. You have clear visions about your life and the world, and you are born to lead. This is matched by a strong drive, and an admirable tendency to keep going until you reach your goal.


You make the standards, and we look up to them when gauging our performance. But despite your many successes, you are kind to those who can't attain your standards.

That's a rare combo, guys: quality and humility. No wonder Leo women are so full of grace, and this explains why we can't help but love and admire you. I know I can't.

4. Libra

If you are a Libra woman, here is what the stars say about you: you are witty, smart, and sophisticated. You are highly intellectual, and this is evident in your great sense of humor.


You never lose control of your emotions, and you are deeply self-aware and understand what you want out of life. That makes you one-of-a-kind. There is nothing ordinary about you, and the world can't resist that.

5. Aries

You like to take the lead, to set the trends, to wield the power. Luckily, you are a woman who understands your unusual potential, and you use your power with care and caution.


In other words, you understand that actions have consequences, especially when they come from powerful people like yourself.

That is why we won't catch you for forcing your will on others. Being a born leader, your preferred style of leadership is by example, and the world cannot help but marvel and trot along.

6. Capricorn

You are an independent woman, so this is your age. You are a deep thinker, and very thoughtful. You know this, because you are very self-aware.


Whether it is flaws or strengths, you know yourself very well.

You also understand what your life is all about. Within you is an inner beauty that we can't resist. That is why we pay attention when you speak, because you speak from deep within, and your benevolent words will always touch us and heal our souls.

7. Cancer

If you like a challenge, a Cancer woman will be more than you ever bargained for. These beautiful, walking and breathing enigmas intrigue in more ways than we can count.


Your thoughts just flow, and your passion never runs out. Tempered with a unique brand of fierceness, and still full of selflessness and concern for others, your character is hard to put into words.

So, we shouldn't even bother trying to figure you out. I honestly don't even think that the stars have gotten a handle on your mysterious nature.

We can count on your loyalty. But if you are betrayed, it's better for the culprit to run for the hills. Hell hath no fury like a Cancer woman scorned.


8. Aquarius

If you are an Aquarius woman, within you lies a strong desire for greatness, which is only matched by your restlessness and strong internal drive. As a fighter and a dreamer, and full of beauty, you are full of charm and the whole world can't help but stop and watch as you do your thing.

But once you zero in on your goal, everybody better get out of your way, because you pursue ruthlessly. Not that many people would have a reason to stop you, because when you attain your goal, you create beauty all around you.


9. Virgo

The hard way or the easy way? A Virgo woman would choose neither, you always pick the right way, whether easy or hard. If you have heard of the phrase 'virtuous woman', this is you.

On top of that, you will be very helpful, kind, and full of love and care. You break easily, but you have the willpower to fight and get up on your feet every time.


Nobody can put you down, not for good. You are also generous with your heart. What a beautiful soul a Virgo woman is!

10. Scorpio

You are one of the few women who might have had issues with the premise of this article. A Scorpio woman knows who she is. You are sharp and alert. You believe in honesty, even when it stings. Your sincerity is very refreshing.


Your love is true and sincere, and you get straight to the point when you speak. Not everyone can handle you, but those who can understand that it will be hard for them to get someone better than you. You are special, and you deserve someone special in your life as well.

11. Pisces

What's not to love about you, Pisces woman? You are full of love, generosity, and honesty. Love flows in your blood, and it is your natural essence.


You are very sensitive, and highly emotional. But you fight your emotional demons on your own, and you will cry when alone. The only way you can express your hurt is by lending a hand to someone in pain, so you can give them your love.

There is nothing like getting tired of doing good for you. You are the world's last hope when desolation overcomes us and we desperately need healing, because everyone else will be too worn out to afford us any compassion. God keep you!


12. Sagittarius

While the rest of us struggle to 'sort out' our feelings, you know very well what your emotions mean. You feel deeply, and you can figure out what we feel better than we can. Empathy comes naturally to you, but you try to hide your true feelings, except from a chosen few.

Not that everyone would understand you anyway. But for those of us you choose to let see your emotional side, we know without a shred of doubt that we are special to you. And that's saying something since it takes a bit of effort to matter that much to you.