This Is The Person She Turned Herself Into After You Emotionally Destroyed Her

This Is The Person She Turned Herself Into After You Emotionally Destroyed Her

She held nothing from you. Instead, she loved you with all her heart. But you broke it into millions of pieces.

After giving you her all, you ruined her. She gave you all her life, but you left her. She sacrificed everything, but you gave her nothing.

She showed you what true love is but you couldn't care less about it.

You should have held on to her and loved her as much as she loved you so that you could create a beautiful life together. But instead, you just abandoned her so that you could indulge in your immature and selfish desires.


For such flimsy reasons, you ripped her into pieces.

Why did you do it? How could you do that to someone who wanted the best for you?

She did not deserve that and you know it. What she needs in her life are respect and kindness.

She deserves the deep genuine love of a man who adores her and seeks to protect her heart. She should have experienced the love she gave you. You should have tried to help her find happiness in your relationship.


You were too busy with other things, right?

Her feelings were never a priority for you, were they? Not once did you care about a thing she wanted. The only thing you wanted was to take advantage of her love and her innocent trust in you.

To you, she was a puppet, and because of you, she has become an emotional wreck today.

She no longer believes in love, and she no longer trusts anyone.


Happily ever after is now a ridiculous lie to her because of you. She has convinced herself that the true love she seeks will never be hers.

She is now guarded, and cannot give anyone a second chance. All she wants is to protect her heart. She has set up walls all around her. But deep down, she hopes to find someone worthy who can break them down and truly win her heart and appreciate how precious it is.


After that encounter with you, she knows there is no one else to depend on in life other than herself. She finds comfort in that, and she is glad she realizes that it was a huge mistake to give herself to someone like you and get nothing in return.

Because you destroyed her, she has learned to hide her pain from the world. She no longer laughs heartily. She holds everything on the inside and says she is fine when she is not.


Even though her heart is shattered into countless pieces, she finds the strength to get by one day at a time.

Because of you, she no longer cares if she is alive or dead. She has a cold heart because you took all the joy from her life.

She had beautiful dreams, but you destroyed them all. You killed her hopes and crushed her soul.

The spark that was once in her eyes is now gone. The warmth that made her a delight to be around is now replaced by numb coldness.


She is now a woman she once despised. She did not deserve any of it – but this is what you made her become.