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This Is The Hottest Christmas Trend This Holiday: Christmas Tree Hair

This Is The Hottest Christmas Trend This Holiday: Christmas Tree Hair

I think I speak for everyone when I say everyone loves Christmas. And what I love most about it is that there is always something new and amazing to look forward to.

For instance, this Christmas your hair might be the highlight. As in, you can put lights on your hair.

The trend is called Christmas Tree Hair, and it's where it's at for die-hard Christmas fans like myself.

This means besides getting presents for my loved ones, eating delicious treats, and whatever else that is laid before me, I get to be a walking, breathing, and cheerful Christmas accessory.

If like me you would like to know more about this trend, here's what I can tell you about it:

1. Working

You start by styling your hair around a plastic bottle on top of your head. There is a tutorial to help you out on YouTube, brought to you courtesy of Natasha Lee. Be sure to check it out. I did, and it clarified everything. It would be strange if you didn't. I mean, where is your Christmas spirit?

2. Stock Up On Hairspray

I'm serious. You will need lots of it. The extra hold kind will ensure that your hair stays in its tree-like shape. While at it, get some elastics and probably a neck brace. This thing can get heavy once it's fully set up. But don't worry, the effort will be worthwhile.

3. It's For Guys Too

Yes, really. There is the problem of not having long hair, sure. But they can still style their hair in a way that accommodates the fashion trend and makes them get in on the holiday cheer.

4. I Am Glad For The Idea

I can't tell you how the idea came about, but I am backing it up 100%. Okay, I got it from Instagram, but the actual inventor remains unknown to me.

Here's the thing: these Christmas trees have lights, ornaments, and a garland. In other words, the whole nine yards. There isn't a more brilliant Christmas trend in my mind at the moment, and I'm pretty confident I'm not alone.

5. They Will Not Ignore Or Forget You

How could they? When was the last time your family saw a walking Christmas tree? When?

So, you will not be forgotten, and given the comic relief this trend will give your audience, it will be nothing but good memories for everyone.

This could be you getting this comment in the not so distant future:

"Hey, remember when you came to the family Christmas dinner with a Christmas tree on your head? That was awesome."

So, what are you waiting for? Get in on the Christmas Tree Hair trend now and make this Christmas season fun and exciting for everyone. Everyone will love it! You know they will.