This Is How You Show Anger, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is How You Show Anger, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has the potential to blow their top. It's part of life.

Situations And People Can Get To You And Rub You The Wrong Way

But even if people or things get under your skin, it's important to keep your anger under control to avoid any embarrassments or regrets later. Part of the trick is knowing how you are likely to react when you get angry.

Here is what your zodiac sign says about you and anger.

1. Aries

Anger comes quickly and naturally for you. You can also completely lose it and shock those around you. But what should we expect? You are a fire sign. Generally, you hate blames and getting information too late. Fortunately, your temper goes down quickly.

2. Taurus

You are not quick to anger and will often walk away. But when you get angry, it can take days or weeks to lose it, and the person responsible better stay off your path in the meantime.

3. Gemini

When angry, a Gemini can go on and on without stopping. They can surprise you with their harshness when angry. Screaming and yelling or throwing things might not be off the table either.

4. Cancer

It takes quite a bit of effort to anger a Cancer, and they would rather retreat and get themselves under control than let you face their simmering wrath. But when they explode in anger, expect things from the past to get dragged into the argument. Fortunately, some nice words should calm them down.

5. Leo

They cannot hide their anger and kick, throw things, scream, and do whatever else they can when angry. They can say very hurtful and mean things. So, you need thick skin. Fortunately, they don't hold grudges. Once the anger is gone, it's over.

6. Virgo

Virgos can conceal their anger just below the surface. You might never know you angered them until you realize they have a grudge against you they cannot let go.

7. Libra

You cannot tell what will get a Libra angry, as they hold things until they cannot take it anymore. But when angry, they are still careful with their words, and they are quick to forgive. But you can hurt them badly and make them hold a grudge.

8. Scorpio

A Scorpio will not get angry easily, and when they do, you better watch your back. They might plot the scariest revenge plan for you without your knowledge. However, they let karma take care of you.

9. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius will rarely lose their temper and self-control. They think it's embarrassing. When angry, they kick up their sarcasm up a notch. Things that set them off include dishonesty.

10. Capricorn

Rather than suffer from anger, Capricorns get irritated, and they can make life hell for you when you anger them. You might have to make more than a couple of apologies to get to their good side once again.

11. Aquarius

When angry, an Aquarius is most likely to ignore you and do something to take their heads off the annoyance. But when they lack the chance to do so, they can take it out on you.

12. Pisces

There is no telling how a Pisces will react when angered. They might shout and scream, but they can also keep quiet and hide their feelings. At other times, they can retreat and deal with the anger on their own. But they can also come right out and discuss the issue to resolve the anger as soon as possible.

That's it folks. How do you handle your anger? Think astrologers were onto something with these predictions?