This Is How You Lose Her Even If She Loves You With All Her Heart

The girl who loves you to bits will not ALWAYS be there if you fail to act right. She can leave you even when her heart is all yours, and here is how it all starts.

She no longer gets a nice text from you when she wakes up. She has stopped hoping for a nice good night text either.

She has also long stopped expecting that you will call her at the end of the day to ask her how her day has been. You never bother to ask how she is feeling. So, she has simply stopped expecting anything from you. And you don't give her any reason to expect it anyway.

She no longer feels like she is a priority in your life because you don't make her feel so. So, she has gotten comfortable with the feeling that you take her for granted. You have made her feel undervalued and unappreciated.

But understand one thing – she might not stick around forever, even if she puts up with all this at the moment. As long as this behavior continues, it is not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when" you are going to lose her.

Does she stay on your mind? Do you try to get in touch with her whenever you get a break at work? Is there any reason for her to know that you are thinking of her?

Because that girl truly loves you, she is waiting for you to get in touch. She would like to reach out, but she does not want to be a bother and seem demanding. And it's not like she has any demands.

However, she is still aware that she deserves way more than you are offering. She would like more of your time. She wants to be an important person in your life.

It's upon you to make sure she has these things.

When did you last tell her she was beautiful? When did you last compliment her on something nice she wore? Do you remember the last time you looked into her eyes and made her feel like she is the only girl for you in the world? How often do you show concern for her physical or emotional well-being?

To you, these might seem like minor issues. But they are all the things you need to demonstrate your love and devotion for this girl. They are very important to her because she loves you. So, if you keep ignoring them, then you are on your way to losing her forever.

Do you make her feel lonely even though you are with her? You can sense it, you know. If you ignore these minor things, she will feel like she is on her own. And like all people, there is a limit on how long she can stand this treatment.

She is hurting because of it, and she does not feel like she is part of the relationship. She is conflicted because you mean so much to her, and yet she feels she has no place in your life. And she knows that at some point she will have to walk away, and when that moment comes, the last thing she will do is come back again.

This is how you will lose the girl who loves you with all she has forever. It will be all on you. Her love for you, however deep and powerful it is, cannot keep your relationship going. You have to make an effort too. Otherwise, you will lose her forever.