This Is How You Lose A Girl Who Loves You Without You Even Knowing It

This Is How You Lose A Girl Who Loves You Without You Even Knowing It

"You never miss the water until the well runs dry!" That is the perfect saying that can simply show you how easy it is to lose a girl that truly cares for you even without you knowing it. If you think it is a joke, wait until she leaves, then you will know it's not funny. Here's how:

You Will Lose Her If You Don't Make Her Your Priority

When you keep treating her like a mere option and not a priority in your life, you make her feel that she is not important. You will lose her even though she has made you the King of her Universe. A girl that would do anything and even go out of her way to make you happy, you will lose her if you continue treating her like she doesn't matter in your life.

You Will Lose Her When You Always Push Her Away

When you make her feel like she is a bother, like she is not welcome in your life, you will definitely lose her. If she is always the one to fix the dates, the first one to call or text yet you take ages to reply to her texts. If she is always the only one trying to get you two to spend quality time together, you are losing her without a doubt. Even with all the efforts she makes, you shut her down and make her feel like you don't want to open up to her even when she sees you clearly need to. Then you are slowly but surely losing her.

You Will Lose Her When You Make Her Insecure

You will lose your girl when you make her feel insecure about her place in your life. If you constantly don't assure her of her place in your relationship even when she desperately tries to cling on to what you two have. You keep dimming her confidence and before you know it, you will have lost her. You concentrate on other things like your favourite sport or your phone, so when you are with her she still feels alone and sad. Then she will have no option but to leave.

You Will Lose Her When You Don't Appreciate Her

You will lose her if you really don't appreciate all the sacrifices she makes for you. You never show any gratitude or even the kind of appreciation she deserves as your woman. You will lose her without you knowing it.

You Will Lose Her Every Time You Betray Her

You will lose your girl every time you lie to her and she finds out. The betrayal stings and hurts, tearing her heart into pieces. You hurt her this way when she strives to be loyal to you. What you are showing is that she doesn't deserve your respect and love.

In a nutshell, you lose her when you don't show her signs that you are ready to settle down with her, yet she is ready to drop everything just to spend a lifetime with you. You lose her when you threaten and throw tantrums at her. When you only show her love when you need something from her, she secretly feels betrayed and abused, yet she still smiles and gives you love unconditionally.