This Is How You Know You've Finally Moved On From Him

Overcoming strong feelings for someone can be a lengthy process, but the passage of time and physical separation can do wonders in healing even the most shattered hearts. To determine whether you have truly moved on from the man you were once deeply enamored with, consider these points:

1. You don't feel the need to check his social media

There was a time when you couldn't go a day without constantly checking his Facebook and Twitter, but now you sometimes even forget to do so. You have stopped stalking him altogether.

2. You see he's dating someone new and feel nothing

Initially, the mere thought of your ex dating another person when the breakup was recent evoked tears, but presently, you feel indifferent. Best wishes to that unfortunate lady!

3. You don't talk about him

Previously, you incessantly talked about your ex and the breakup to everyone, including your friends, first dates, and even the mailman. However, now you no longer feel the urge to discuss or scrutinize what occurred between the two of you. The relationship is finished.

4. Love songs don't make you depressed

In the past, when specific love songs played on the radio, you would immediately associate them with your ex and experience a profound sense of sadness. However, now you can joyfully sing along to the tunes without connecting the lyrics to him.

5. You've started Fantasizing about someone else

After a considerable period of time since your breakup, you have moved on from your ex to the extent that you now imagine your future and bed with someone new, whether it's someone you've met in real life or on TV. Your ex has been replaced and is no longer the protagonist in your fantasies.

6. You don't hate or love him

At certain moments, you believed that you would always love your ex, while at other times, you detested their mere existence. However, presently, you feel neither of these emotions and are entirely apathetic towards them. This signifies that you have moved on from your ex, as sometimes, hate can be closer to passion than one realizes.

7. You can be friends

When the breakup was recent, the idea of being friends with your ex was so unappealing that you would have preferred to extract your teeth instead. However, now that some time has passed, and you have moved on from him, you can tolerate the notion of being in his presence without any desire to either punch or kiss him. You have developed a platonic perspective towards him.

8. You don't avoid his favorite hangouts

In the past, revisiting places where you had been with your ex would require disguises of Lady Gaga-like proportions, or you would just avoid them altogether. However, presently, if you happen to run into him, you can maintain civility and then go about your day without any concerns. It is no longer a significant issue for you.

9. You don't feel a thing when someone mentions him

When you encounter one of your mutual friends, you are unbothered by what they may say about your ex. Whether it's about his new job, promotion, or vacation in Italy, you have no emotional attachment to the news. He may as well be a stranger to you, as you feel entirely indifferent towards him.

10. You don't care if he says nasty things about you

In case the breakup was not amicable, you might have been concerned about what your ex could have said about you to mutual friends or the public. However, with time passing, you have reached a point where you do not care about his words. He is free to express whatever he wants because you have moved on, and you know the truth. That is all that holds significance to you.

11. You can't remember his phone number

Previously, you had programmed his phone number in the speed-dial section of your memory, but now, you cannot recall any of the digits. Instead, his contact has been replaced with other people's numbers.

12. You don't stalk him out of hatred

In the past, you used to take pleasure in viewing his Facebook profile and observing how he was failing in life. You enjoyed seeing him make a fool of himself or how he seemed to have gained weight. However, presently, you have more productive things to do with your time than to keep tabs on his miserable state.

13. You don't freak out when your phone rings

I believed you used to be frightened to miss any calls or messages in case it was your ex making contact. But now, you don't even flinch when you see a missed call from an unknown contact. Instead of biting your nails and wondering if it was him and if he'll call again, you decide it's probably a wrong contact and forget about it.