This Is How You Deal With Toxic Family Members

This Is How You Deal With Toxic Family Members

You can't choose who to call family - who you get is usually who you have to live with. Unfortunately, some family members are so toxic they will drive you insane with the poison they spill on everyone they meet.

Being family members, you can't just do away with these people and move on with your life.

But a time comes when you have to decide against this toxicity because you want to be happy.


So, during those family moments where you have no choice but to put up with toxic family members, here's how you can make your interactions with them a lot less dreadful.

1. Work On Your Communication

Communication is key in many areas, even when dealing with toxic people. Learn how to respond to toxic family members to live more harmoniously with them.


When someone is passive-aggressive, try to make them aware of their mistake in a loving manner rather than trying to revenge or getting irritated.

You can also indirectly resolve the problem by responding in a positive manner to their toxic behaviors. Who knows, that might make them have a similar attitude towards you.

In short, positivity, like negativity, can be contagious.

2. Consider Them A Learning Experience

In life, you learn from both good and bad people. Things can be a lot easier between you and your toxic family members if you think of them as an example of how not to behave.


Better yet, take the lessons you learn from them to improve your own life. You can learn how to have better relationships with others, and that can improve your life.

3. Make A Stand

Some family members are simply bullies. They just walk around looking for people to mock and insult.

You can use some tricks that work on bullies to counter these people. For instance, you can respond to their rudeness with politeness or make a firm stand when they try to force you to do something you don't like and so forth.


Once they find you a difficult target for their petty antics, they will be less inclined to interact with you in a toxic manner and you will be better off.

4. Try To Understand Them

Sometimes, people are toxic because they are having a tough time in their lives. Sure, that does not justify their treating everyone like crap, but it makes their behavior understandable on some level.


If that's what's happening, you can try to be sympathetic instead of focusing on the toxicity they spill on you. But don't go overboard and compromise your own happiness to accommodate their toxic behaviors.

5. Learn To Forgive

Part of the reason you feel like exploding with anger when dealing with a toxic family member is usually that you can't forgive them for their mistakes. That might not be what you want to hear, but it's the truth.


When you learn to forgive, you can't keep grudges, which rids you of all the anxiety and stress these people usually cause on their victims.

So, learn to forgive, with or without an apology.

Just because someone is family does not mean they are good for you; some blood relatives have a lot of negativity they are not afraid to pass on to their own. When interacting with these people, you can feel drained and infuriated.


But with these five tricks, this should no longer be a problem.