This Is How Much I Love You

This Is How Much I Love You

So you want to know how much I love you? To be honest, there are countless reasons my heart longs for no one else but you. All the words in my mind cannot express the powerful feelings I have for you deep in my heart.

Not even my actions can fully express how much I love you.

Love is the realest thing there is. It's not fleeting.

It's not a feeling you choose. Love chooses you, and you are my love. My heart, mind, and soul chose you.

I may not have enough words to say how much I love you, but I can assure you I love you with everything I've got.

Your presence in my life changed me. Because of the love I have for you, the attraction I have towards you is much stronger than I can explain.

Here are a few things that can help you understand how much I love you.

1. I Will Stand Up For You Because I Love You To Bits

Because I love you, I will be your hero. I will take care of you no matter what.

Whoever wants to come against you will have to go through me first. I will protect you from anyone, I don't care who it is.

I've got your back: that's how much I love you.

2. Your People Will Be My People Because I Love You

On account of how much I love you, I will never put you in a position to choose between me and your friends and family.

I love you and accept who you are completely, and it doesn't matter who else you treasure in your life, I will get along with them even if they don't want to return the favor.

Even those friends who don't care much about me will be important to me because they matter to you.

Yes, I will do plenty to impress those skeptical family members and friends, because that's how much I love you.

The most easygoing person in your life will be me, and it will be because I love you.

3. I Will Forgive You Easily

Although we are not perfect, I know being wronged by those we love hurts more than anything. And that makes forgiveness a little bit harder when our loved ones are involved.

But I can assure you of one thing: as far as you and I are concerned, forgiveness is never a struggle.

For this reason, I easily let go of any mistakes you make. I know you are worth all the chances I could ever give anyone.

What we have is much bigger than any mistakes that could come between us.

4. I'll Keep An Open Mind

You should never be afraid to come to me with any idea you have. That's because I will always hear you out and consider what you have to say.

I respect your ideas, opinions and perspectives, and that is because I love you.

It's not just your face or your personality I love, I respect your mind as well.

5. I'll Be There For You

You are my greatest priority, and nothing else comes close. So, when you need me or anything from me at all, I will be there for you.

That's why I put the phone down to listen to you because nothing is more important to me than you.

My desire is to give you all of my attention, and everything else I have to offer. I can honestly say there has never been a more important person in my life.

And because I love you in every possible way, I'll be there for you in every imaginable way.

6. I'll Always See The Best In You

Granted, we are very flawed beings, and any well-adjusted person can see their limitations and shortcomings. Even after the initial infatuation has worn off, you are sure to see some things you don't like about the person you love like life itself.

But even if that happens to be the case, you can be sure that I will always see the best in you, because you are the love of my life.

To me, you are perfect and will always be.

7. You Are My Best Friend

I can't think of anything more natural than spending time with you. Not only do I love you, I know for a fact you are my best friend.

That is why I love spending time with you and doing stuff with you. In both the good and the bad times, I want you around. That's because you are my best friend and I couldn't hope for someone better.

You are an amazing person, and that makes you an amazing friend. In fact, I think that's part of the reason I love you so much.

8. I'll Be Honest With You

Let's be honest, there is nothing harder than telling the truth to someone you love, especially when you know it might upset or hurt them.

But also, there is nothing worse than hiding secrets from the person who means the world to you. That means compromising the trust of the only person whose trust keeps you grounded.

That is also why I can't stay mad at you because I want you to learn to trust me as absolutely as I trust you.

9. When You Need Space, I'll Let You Have It Because I Love You

Everybody needs space. And it's easy to smother the person you love because you don't want them out of your sight.

And love is jealous, which can also make it difficult to give your love the freedom they might need to live a full life.

10. I'll Always Cherish What You Give Me

Love requires some give and take. But for you, my love and affection come with no strings attached.

And yet, although I don't give you anything expecting something in return, you have always given back more than I could ever ask for or even deserve.

For this reason, I will always cherish the time we have spent together. I smile as I think of all the amazing times we have shared. And I know I will always take pride in them.

11. I Will Support Your Goals And Dreams

I will never get in your way just to keep you close. That's how much I love you.

Not only do I support your goals and dreams in life, but I will also do everything in my power to make sure they come true.

Wherever your dreams in this life lead, you can always count on my love and support. I will be your most devoted fan in this life, and I will be with you wherever your dreams might lead you.

12. I Will Love You No Matter What

It's true what they say–true love is unconditional. It does not matter if you are moody, judgmental, angry, or whatever.

My love for you cannot be overcome by such feelings.

I will always rise above the bad moments and ensure my love for you stands. The best thing about all this is that I will love every moment of it.

You are the one person I would love in all seasons, bad and good.

13. I'll Accept You Completely

Most people back away when they see the flaws in their partners and friends. But as far as you and I are concerned, that will never happen.

I will always treasure you, regardless of who you are. That is why you should never be afraid to let me know anything about you because I am the one person who will never hold it against you.

You are perfect to me, that's how much I love you.

14. I Will Be Generous With You Because I Love You

Everything I have is yours. My generosity, my support, my understanding, and every good I have to offer is yours because I love you with all I've got.

As long as I think something will be good for you, then I will give it to you.

My selfless generosity is something you can truly count on.

15. You Mean The World To Me

I can't imagine my life without you in it. All we share makes my life feel worthwhile and real.

You are the delight of my heart, and our lives are bound together by the love we share.

I would never give the love I have for you to any other person. For the first time in my life, I am not afraid to lose myself loving someone, and it's all worth it.

My greatest wish is that we will spend a lifetime together. That's how much I love you.

I fell hard for you, and I would do it all over again because it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'd do anything for you: that's how much I love you.