This Is How Men Fall In Love: 12 Ways They Do It Differently

This Is How Men Fall In Love: 12 Ways They Do It Differently

Did you know that how men fall in love with women is very different from the way ladies love and that many people don't know this? If that surprises you, then prepare to be completely amused, because, unlike what most people think, the way men love is very different from the way they lust after a girl, befriend, or even like her.

Men Don't Love Based On A Checklist

Many men will readily admit to the fact that they were not looking for love when they found it. It was just a magical world they found themselves in and they realized they were living in it with the woman they love.


In short, it was sort of like blind luck. There was no clear plan to get into a loving relationship.

So, love happens mysteriously for men, which is why how men fall in love with women is so puzzling.

A man can love you within hours of meeting you. Studies actually confirm that men fall in love faster and that they can know right away that they are in love.

It's us females who get caught up with our checklists to see if the man we have is the person we planned on falling in love with.


In any case, women usually have the goal of getting committed and falling in love. But men, as you know, are famous for avoiding commitment.

Which brings us to the question: what makes a man fall in love? Or rather, how do men fall in love?

First, let's address some common misconceptions about men and love.

Women think men fall in love with women who make them chase. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Playing hard to get will get his attention because guys love to pursue, but it will do little to win his heart.

And no, he did not fall head over heels for you because you were the "perfect" girlfriend and never disagreed with anything he said.

And so, here is how men fall in love.


1. Feeling Like The Relationship Is The Ultimate Achievement For Him

When a man feels like a loser in a relationship, then he will have no reason to love. You might be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if he feels like he's a loser, all that will count for nothing.

The woman he loves has to bring out the best in him and make him desire to achieve the best in life. He has to feel inspired and confident like he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.


Any woman who makes him feel this way will have all his love. At the end of the day, every man wants to be a winner.

2. Physical Attraction Is Very Important In How Men Fall In Love

When a man meets the woman he loves for the first time, it's not her personality or other deep attributes that get him hooked. It's usually all about physical attraction.


As much you might not like to hear this, men are very shallow. Visual stimulation is very important to men, at least at first.

They don't really care about how altruistic a woman his, or how nice she is. Men initially focus on physical attraction.

And there's another thing: every man looks for something different in a woman.

Some are driven crazy by boobs, others look at the eyes, while others focus on the face or the curvy figure.


Also, don't expect that a man knows the reason he is attracted to women. This attraction is sometimes very subconscious, but it's what makes a man say he likes you before it can progress and turn into true love.

3. He Has To Believe You Like Him To Chase You

Some women think that men will chase any woman who crosses their path. But that's not the case.


Before he can start pursuing you and eventually fall for you, he has to believe you like him based on how you respond to his advances. At this point, all he wants is to get your attention.

Once he gets your attention, he will ask you out and try to impress you. Eventually, he will realize that he is in love with you, but only because you responded positively to him.

4. Men Fall In Love Faster

Love at first sight is actually a reality for men. That is why a man can tell you he loves you before he barely knows you.


The thing about men is that they never question their emotions as women do. Once a man feels he loves you, he will not sit around wondering if he is wrong or not.

When a man loves you, it's very unlikely he will deny it. Women might question whether it's truly love they feel, but that's not how men love.

A guy can love in an instant and believe it completely.

5. Men Fall In Love When They Feel Appreciated

Believe it or not, men hardly ever get appreciation. And time never really comes when a man will plainly ask for appreciation for all the effort he makes.


But when you finally start showing him appreciation, you will see how far it can go to grow his affection towards you.

When you appreciate a man, you break down many barriers and make him warmer and more attracted to you. He will do more for you, and he will give you more in every way he can.

A man who is appreciated will love and cherish you because few things go as deep inside a man's heart as appreciation does.


It stirs his emotions and makes him capable of feeling affectionate towards you.

And being appreciative has nothing to do with saying thank you at every chance you get. You have to appreciate who he is and not what he can be or what he has achieved.

If you want a man to love you, appreciate him for who he is by focusing on things that do not change based on his career or external things.


Appreciation makes you connect with him on a very deep level, and even he cannot explain why he loves you so much.

6. They Desire The Perfect Woman

First of all, the perfect woman for every man is different. But yes, every man wants the total package.

He does not just want a physically attractive woman, but also a woman he can make happy and connect with.


In many ways, the partner a man seeks is a lot like the person women want when looking for a long-term partner. The difference is that women start with all the factors they seek in a partner figured out.

But guys start with physical attraction and gradually consider other factors as they go along to figure out if to go on seeing the girl or to end the relationship.

In the end, when the man loves and decides you are the one, know that he considers you the total package. In you, he has to see a friend, a lover, and everything else he desires in a partner.


7. Being Needed Is Part Of How Men Fall In Love

When a man is in love, he feels obligated to do something about it. That is why a man loves more when he feels that you let him take the leadership role in the relationship.

So, however independent you are in your career, and however loving you might be to your man, if you never let him take charge, then he will have a very hard time falling for you.


Men want to feel needed, because to them, the alternative is feeling useless.

Masculinity demands that he does something to express his love, and when he doesn't get that opportunity, he doesn't really have any love to share.

Allowing him to be responsible for some things in the relationship also shows that you trust him.

However good you are to the man, if he does not feel like he has a role to play in your life, he will not give you his affection.


8. Ability To Make You Happy Is A Big Part Of How Men Fall In Love

If there is one thing men love, it's a happy woman. And they love women they can easily make happy.

That is why men like knowing they can make a woman happy because your happiness makes him really attracted to you.

When a man realizes he cannot make you happy, he will start looking for the exit.


Sure, he will not make you happy with every attempt he makes, and he might miss some clues that he is not achieving his goals.

So, if you can make it easy for him to know what he needs to do to make you happy, don't beat about the bush. You can simply tell him what makes you happy.

Once a man realizes he can make you happy, you will become his greatest obsession and he will love you more than you can imagine.


9. He Has To Believe There's No Other Woman Like You

When a man loves, it's because he truly believes he will never find another woman like you. Men fall for women they believe are very special.

Unfortunately, you cannot determine how special you can be in relation to other women he meets.

As we have already seen, much of his attraction towards you is based on physical attraction. And you cannot really tell what about you attracts him.


But through your appreciation, demeanor, and other traits you can work on, you can make a man fall more deeply in love with you.

No man falls for an ordinary girl, but a lady who stands out from the crowd. This will also be a woman he will be totally afraid to lose.

10. Impulse Is A Huge Part Of How Men Fall In Love

Men are more likely to go crazy over the women they love. That is why a man can go to unimaginable lengths to protect the love he feels for a woman.


By their very nature, men do not start to fall in love based on logic or reason. Once they know they love a woman, they are willing to put everything on the line for her.

He can go to the ends of the world to prove he loves you.

11. The Quality Of A Girl's Company Is Critical To How Men Fall In Love

Many times, a man will never really explain how he decided she was "the one." Many just say they felt that she was the girl for them.


But even after following the dating lives of the most notorious playboys, one thing stood out about the women they finally decided to settle down with.

As it turns out, it's all in his ability to enjoy her company. When the man keeps looking forward to spending time with you, then loving you is inevitable.

When a man loves being around a woman, then he will have no option but to love her. A man who never gets enough of your company has very deep affections for you.


12. Men Fall For A Girl That's Real

Many girls think makeup is very important in how men fall in love. That might get his attention, but love requires something more realistic.

Being true to yourself is a lot harder than it sounds. With regard to being a man's object of affection, you have to be ready to truly accept his love.

And that's impossible unless you can be true to yourself.


That means being vulnerable and willing to make a real and deep connection. When a man cannot find this in you, then his affections will seem misplaced and he will not truly fall in love with you.

The way a woman feels love is very similar to the way a man experiences the same emotion. But now, you understand that how men fall in love is very different from the way women make this important emotional journey.