This Is How Girls Flirt: Signs She's Not Just Being Nice

This Is How Girls Flirt: Signs She’s Not Just Being Nice

Girls are complicated. That's for sure. She can say one thing and mean the complete opposite. She might seem interested while she is just being friendly.

And if you are lucky, she might be interested. But unfortunately, she might seem like she's being nice. In other words, with girls, it's hard to know what means what.

But with this endless barrage of mixed signals, how can you know the truth?

I've got some good news. We have the answers right here. If you see any of these 15 signs, know that the girl is not just being kind. She wants you.

1. Laughing Loudly

You make jokes, yes. But not all of them are killers, and you know this. And yet, to this girl, they elicit the most hilarious laughter you could expect. That shows she wants to be around you.

2. She Needs Your Help

A girl can ask for directions or any favor from you without it meaning anything. But if she needs help with something she can obviously do herself, then know there's something more.

3. Talking Cheerfully

When you are talking, she seems excited and cheerful. You can tell it's not because you are discussing the most interesting subject in the world.

4. The Smile

Smiles are mysterious to decode. She could be smiling because she is happy or wants to make you feel comfortable and welcome around her.

But there is a flirty smile, which is more of an invitation to learn more about her and her life. You will see the look on her eyes as she smiles and knows there's something extra.

5. She's Anxious

A girl who wants you will be very self-conscious around you. She'll look uneasy and fidgety, especially when she realizes you have your attention on her.

6. Trying To Learn More About You

Saying hi and asking how you are doing when you meet is one thing. But when she tries to learn as much about you as possible, then that's another thing altogether.

7. Flipping Her Hair

Girls have been doing this for centuries, and even girls with short hair flip their imaginary long hair. This move means that she wants you to notice her. She might even play with her hair or twirl with it.

8. Unexpected Compliments

It's one thing to get complimented on your great new tattoo. But if she compliments you on everything, even things you don't expect anyone to comment on, then she might be flirting with you.

9. Lips

Lips are very sensual and intimate. So, if the girl is looking at you and biting or touching her lips, then know that she expects more than just friendship from you.

10. Getting Close

When a girl wants you to notice her, she'll try to be as close to you as possible.

11. Endless Questions

A girl who is interested will ask you lots and lots of questions to see how compatible you are. Take it from me. She will not ask a dozen questions about your love for movies if she is not into the stuff.

12. Powder Room

A girl who is interested in you will be very keen about her appearance. So, if she often excuses herself to visit the powder room and comes looking fresher and more confident around you, know that she wants your attention.

13. Trying To Impress

Yes, even girls try to impress those they are interested in. She might show off something she is good at just to get your attention.

14. Being Touchy

It is highly likely that a girl who cannot seem to keep her hands off you is highly interested in you. Obviously.

15. Talks About The Future

When a girl shares her plans for the future and enquires about yours, understand that she sees you as more than a friend.

Girls rarely make the first move. They usually stop at making it easy for you to make your move. Their flirting is usually subtle and hard to figure out. So, watch out for these signals.