This Is For You, The “Bestie” Who Vanished From My Life Like I Was Nothing

My dear “bestie”. We’ve been through it all together. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the bitter and the sweet, and the ups and the downs. We’ve been through thick and thin. And I thought this wonderful cycle would go on forever.

That seemed like our destiny.

But then the unexpected happened, you simply vanished out of my life like I never existed. Like trash, you can simply throw out and be over and done with – for good.

I gotta admit, I did not see it coming. Not by a long shot. What I know is that I trusted you more than anybody in the world. Words cannot explain the pain I felt, how desolate your cruel act left me.

I have yet to come to terms with this betrayal, and I am sure I will never forget it. But I have to heal and move on, you know, look forward to a brighter day. But the precious unforgettable moments we shared makes that a distant fantasy at best.

Who would have thought that all those great times we shared would become my source of pain? My heart is still bleeding, and the wounds are deep and still fresh.

You shattered me and my world came crumbling down after you abruptly left. As hard as it was, I had to forgive you, for my own sake.

I’ll have to live with what you did. But I guess you have to live with it as well. I was never perfect, but I gave you everything I had. I was a good friend to you, and I am sure even you understood that.

And I get it. Maybe I messed up, and you had to let me go. But you did not have to do it the way you did. I think based on the value of the relationship we had, a little honesty is not too much to ask, even if it is the bitter pill of truth.

I put my trust in you. Does that mean nothing to you? Yes, I could have done something you could never live with, but you could at least have told me what it was.

But after what you did, it’s like I never knew you; and that hurts me deeply because our friendship felt truly special. I believed I would cherish it forever.

You were good to me when we were together, and I am sure that I will forgive you eventually. With all the beautiful moments we shared, I think you even deserve it. But this little injustice I will never forget.

I have every reason to hate you for cutting me out so drastically and unkindly. But I won’t. It would not be fair to me. All I can say is that I wish you all the best wherever you are and in whatever you are up to.

I am not going to change who I am over this. I won’t become a hateful and vengeful person over you. It is not who I am.

And I am sure several times over the course of our friendship, I swore I would never wish you harm, or hold any permanent grudges against you. I’m glad I can keep this promise.

The friendship we shared meant the world to me. From you, I learned how valuable a true friend can be. Too bad that your last act was a sick demonstration of what a friend should never to do another friend. I hope you realize what you did.

I don’t hate you, and I do not wish you any harm, but I did not like what you did. I’ll sure miss the good times we shared. But I’m sorry I cannot say the same of you. That’s the bare truth.