This year’s summer is as hot as hell. There’s nothing everyone want than to hang out in the poolside and sunbathing while soaking into the ice-cold water to cool down.

And drinking? Well, getting cold booze on those hot afternoons and evenings will give you a refreshing feeling.

But if you wish to combine drinking, sunbathing, soaking in water, and having fun with your besties, all at once, you definitely need this GoPong’s floating beer pong table.

1. It’s Taking Beer Pong to the Next Level

This pool float isn’t just some novelty item. As the manufacturer states, “GoPong” s Pool Lounge was designed to be the ultimate addition to any pool party. The table has cup holders for full 10 cup beer pong which is great for days when it is too hot to be out of the water.”

It’s good to see an inventor has taken the beer pong sports as solemn as they should be.

2. The GoPong Doubles as a Plain Floating Raft

And if you’re not into beer pong, you can grab a spot beside your friends around the table, slide your drink into one of the 8 cup holders and use the pool lounge for social floating.

Have the pool lounge all to yourself? Jump on, kick back and get your tan on with access to as many cup holders as you want.

3. It’s Ready to Go Within Minutes

To inflate this beer pong float, you can either use your mouth to blow it up or use a pump. Once you’re done, toss it in your pool and place the cups.

The product description reads:

“This product is essentially a version of our popular Party Barge, but without the built-in cooler. The 6ft x 3ft table includes 10 cup triangles on each end for full-size pool pong play.”

“Each side of the raft is also lined with 4 cup holders for social floating, so you and your friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games.”

The GoPong also includes 6 pong balls and is retail packaged. This is a must-have item for spring break, summer pool parties, or lake boating.

4. The Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive

Many shoppers are so excited about this beer pong pool float. So far, the product has received over 254 reviews on Amazon, with at least 68 percent of the reviewers rating it a five star.

One shopper wrote:

“We’ve been using this all summer… it’s been left in the pool in the elements…and it’s as good as the day it came 2 1/2 months ago. We used a pump to inflate.

“We flip it over when not in use, so the holes don’t get water in them and mildew forms. A little pink mildew starts anyway, so I just spray with foaming beach every now and then.”

“We’ve even flipped it over to use as a floating table for snacks.”

So, the general consensus is that this floating beer pong table is much more fun and it solves our ever-important dilemma of whether to play beer pong or go swimming. With a GoPong, we can do both at once.