A Twitter post going viral is nothing new, but this time, a unique post has received a lot of attention in the community.

It shows what female milk ducts look like without skin.

Of course, many people would like to see what these body organs look like as they never had the chance to see them before since the male anatomy is more often used to teach human musculature.

But the reactions were varied. Some people were mortified, while others were in shock. To others, the post was simply shocking.

In fact, even the Twitter user who shared the post was shocked to see an image of the female anatomy with the milk ducts included.

The photo shows in detail the muscles in a woman’s mammary glands. Many people had never seen such an image either, and they could hardly contain themselves.

The duct looks like a flower, which certainly caught the attention of many as the post soon went viral.

In fact, it went on to get 130,000 likes and over 40,000 retweets, clearly from people who had never known this biological fact in the past.

this image of what human milk ducts look like is blowing people’s minds
this image of what human milk ducts look like is blowing people’s minds

The comments also started to pour in.

While some women seemed to take the revelation with awe and appreciation, happy to learn what’s inside their breasts, others were not so amused.

Another one felt that this was completely off-putting based on the comment that, “I don’t want breasts anymore.”

But while some Twitter users were having all kinds of reactions to the biological mystery that had just been revealed, another thought the glands were flower art. But after realizing the truth, she also said that she feels like an alien creature was living in her and that this was terrifying for her.

Another woman went on to say that they were never meant to see that or know about it.

But to those who thought that the picture was not gross, the female milk ducts are literal flowers in a woman’s breasts, which is actually cool.

Another user applauded these anatomical organs’ beauty and took pride in the fact that those things had been a source of nourishment for her kids.

But things soon took another turn.

When one user tried to explain that people were getting freaked out because they usually learn about muscles using a man’s body given their more prominent muscles and were therefore not used to see the female muscle system, she was shut down by being told that this image would still freak people out even in school settings.

But for others, the whole thing seemed like a joke. One guy claimed that he preferred to look at women with skin on them.