This Horse Mourns Owner's Death By Laying His Head On The Casket

This Horse Mourns Owner’s Death By Laying His Head On The Casket

Wegner Lima, 34-year-old, died in a motorcycle accident. And during his funeral, his beloved horse, named Sereno, couldn't bear the loss, and when he smelt his owner's casket, he emotionally laid his head on the coffin, mourning.

Family and friends of Wegner de Lima were grieving at his funeral, and one notable friend was Wagner's beloved horse.

Everyone knew how Wagner loved his horse, and they had been friends for many years. So, Wagner's brother, Wando, thought it would be appropriate for Sereno, Wagner's horse, to attend the funeral.

Wando told Globo News:

"This horse was everything to him."

"It was as if the horse knew what was happening and wanted to say goodbye."

Wando led an emotional procession to his brother's final resting place in the city of Cajazeiras, Brazil. And Sereno matched alongside fellow mourners.

However, nobody in the procession could have expected the horse's emotional reaction.

When the horse got close enough to his owner's casket, he picked up his scent and started grieving.

A close family friend in attendance, Francielio Limiera, said that he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it himself.

Limiera told USA TODAY:

"As we brought the coffin out at the beginning of the funeral, (Sereno) sounded like he was crying and as if he recognized that his owner was finally leaving him. He pounded the ground with his hooves and kept on whinnying. It was very sad."

Wando said that the horse began grieving the loss of his beloved owner. He whimpered for the entire rest of the procession.

After witnessing the emotional incident, Wando said that to honor his brother, he'll continue taking care of Sereno.

Wagner worked as a semi-professional cowboy, and Sereno was always by her side for over a decade.

Speaking about the closeness of his brother and Sereno, Wando said:

"He had a passion and a great love for him."

"Sometimes, he would even stop buying things for himself to make sure he could afford to buy horse feed."

One of the best reasons we can relate well with horses is that their feelings and emotions are pure and honest.

They can also become great friends to us and can boost our confidence as we ride them.

Also, taking care of your horse by ensuring they are well-fed and well-kept can help us learn to love and take care of others aside from ourselves.

We hope Sereno and Wagner's brother will find comfort in each other's company as they both shared a deep connection with the person they lost.