This Giant 'Family Bed' Is Perfect For Co-Sleeping Parents

Discussions over family co-sleeping are arising every day. Those who're against it argue that it can lead to unhealthy sleeping habits for parents and children.

But the experts of attachment parenting are advocating for co-sleeping. They're arguing that it creates a natural connection that gives everyone a good night's sleep. And in most societies throughout the world, parents sleep with their children a few years before they become adults.

One of the challenges that keep parents from trying co-sleeping is the lack of a sizeable bed. Fitting to or more children in between two adults can be uncomfortable to sleep.

Also, some kids like climbing to their parents' bed after they get a little older. In such cases, a king-sized bed will not be enough. It can't even accommodate a large co-sleeping family.

However, Tylor & Well bed designers have brought a solution to your co-sleeping family experience. They've launched "The Family Bed XL," which is a 12-feet mattress.

The bed is equivalent to a combination of two California King Size Mattresses. This bed is ideal for a movie night or a sleepover, and it has adjustable friendly features.

According to the designers, "The Family Bed XL" will offer extreme comfort to your whole family. It's designed with soft and comfortable material such as supportive memory foam and cooling gel that gives an outstanding sleep.

The price of the mattress is $2,300. You'll also need to include an additional cost of 2 California King Frames costing $90 each.

Some other costs to consider when buying this bed are bed sheet sets as well as a comforter. That'll cost around $400.

But if a 12-feet bed is too large, you can opt for a 10-foot, which costs $2,000, or a 9 feet bed for $1,800. Regardless of the mattress size you choose, The Family Bed XL will offer you an excellent co-sleeping experience.