This German Street Artist Transforms Bridge Into Giant, Colorful LEGO Bricks

As a little kid, did you ever think using giant LEGO bricks to build houses and other stuff would be cool? Well, people driving through the Wuppertal in Germany are living the dream!

LEGOs are some of the most popular kids' toys of all time, and children of all ages love building stuff with these little blocks. While LEGO creations are purely fun and exciting, how about building an actual functional structure with these bricks?

That's what a street artist, Martin Heuwold, popularly known as Megx, had in mind when he set out to make a bride appear as if it was built with actual LEGO colored plastic blocks.

Megx's classic LEGO street art is something you have to check out for yourself. It turns out, adults too can have as much fun with LEGO creation as kids can.

While this bridge is not actually built out of LEGOs, when driving by, it certainly looks like it. It's actually made of concrete, so you can rest assured a giant won't come along and take it apart.

This art piece can be found in Wuppertal, western Germany, and is located in the Rhine-Westphalia region. Officially, it's called the Schwesterstra├če bridge, but most people in the area dubbed it the Lego bridge.

The bridge was initially constructed as part of a railway line but later repurposed as a path for bicycles and pedestrians.

LEGOs - bringing joy since 1949

Megx's inspiration came from his two daughters, who loved playing with LEGO bricks, and asked The LEGO Group to make his vision a reality.

The Lego Group created the first set of LEGO toys in 1949 for kids in Denmark. The interlocking toy bricks have spread throughout the world, becoming a significant kid's toy item in many households.

After getting approval, the artist and his team spent less than 2 weeks painting the 2,700-square-foot (250-square-meter) bridge in primary color hues.

Using detailed shadowing and other techniques, the result turned out incredibly lifelike. Though the concrete surface is flat, the street artist made circular connectors appear as if they're popping right out of the bricks.

A year after the artist completed the painting, the playful Lego-Br├╝cke (Lego Bridge) was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis Advancement Prize.

This giant LEGO brick bridge is one of the coolest street art arts we've ever seen. We love Megx's creativity, and he certainly deserves lots of props.

Scroll down below to see Megx's work in progress photos, and check out more of his projects on Instagram.