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This 'Friends' Slow Cooker Is Begging For Space On Your Kitchen Counter

This ‘Friends’ Slow Cooker Is Begging For Space On Your Kitchen Counter

I am sure I am not the only one with a kitchen counter full of more jars and boxes than I could use. And it's because there is no more room in the cabinets.

It's a serious crisis.

And although I should be more concerned with reducing the clutter, I am even more concerned with adding the Friends slow cooker to the collection.

If there is no room, I will create some! This appliance is assured a place on my kitchen counter. And I'm not crazy, I have my reasons.

And if you are a Friends fan like me, I'm sure you will agree with each of my arguments.

1. You Can't Go Wrong With A Slow Cooker

It's always good having a good slow cooker. And I speak this from experience. When I lost mine, I remember what a hard time I had before I could get another. I realized how convenient it was to have my dinner cook while I was away at work. So, it's settled. I need a slow cooker. Point of correction: a Friends slow cooker.

2. It Has A Pretty Good Design

this 'friends' slow cooker is begging for space on your kitchen counter

The person who designed this slow cooker definitely knows this popular show. All the well-known symbols are there. These include the Washington Park fountain, a steaming coffee mug, and even Phoebe's taxi.

Chances are that whatever sign or symbol you associate with Friends is on this appliance. You will also get some popular sayings from the show as well, such as Joey's popular "How you doin'?" They also worked in the infamous "PIVOT!" couch-moving scene.

So yea, they really outdid themselves with this Friends piece of merchandise.

3. I Can't Think Of A Better Friends Merchandise

I know there are plenty of items today based on the Friends show. We've seen them all, including sheets, notebooks, and key chains.

But a Friends slow cooker? This is definitely different. I have my fingers crossed. I want a Friends toaster and electric kettle as well!

4. Perfect For Dinner Parties

this 'friends' slow cooker is begging for space on your kitchen counter

Just imagine this scenario. You have friends coming over to watch a game or binge-watch their favorite show on Netflix on a relaxed Saturday night. Why spend your time toiling in the kitchen preparing food while this slow cooker can have the job done for you as you enjoy your time with your buddies?

Just whip out your favorite recipe, put some ingredients in the cooker, go have a good time with your buddies, and when the meal time comes, voila! Food is ready. Seriously, what else could you ask for at parties?

When Are You Getting Yours?

If I might answer the question for you, I suggest you get it now while they still have a 20% discount on it at Box Lunch. That will save you a respectable 12 bucks off its price of $59.99.