This Floating Restaurant Straddles The Borders Of 4 African Countries — And You Can See Elephants And Hippos While You Eat (Video)

this floating restaurant straddles the borders of 4 african countries — and you can see elephants and hippos while you eat (video)

If you are always on the lookout for the most interesting dining experiences, then you need to try an African restaurant that's located right in the middle of no man's land. The eating establishment is between Botswana and Namibia.

By the way, this is a floating restaurant. That means you will have to take a boat to get there.

The restaurant is known as The Raft, and it floats and sits on stilts out of the Chobe River. This river is the border between the countries.


Also notable is the fact that the restaurant is located where four countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia) meet.

So, technically, this restaurant is in the middle of nowhere.

Although the restaurant is located in Namibia, you can visit it from Botswana without having to clear with the Namibian immigration officials.

At this establishment, you will get a rare taste of African paradise. This restaurant is far from the city, which means it's quiet and peaceful.


Best of all, your arrival at The Raft will be a memorable one. The restaurant has a small staff, and you will be welcomed cheerfully with song.

The Raft Menu

this floating restaurant straddles the borders of 4 african countries — and you can see elephants and hippos while you eat (video)

The only thing on The Raft menu is African braai, which is an elaborate traditional African barbecue that consists of three types of meat, two salads, a cooked-to-order steak, homemade dessert, and a pan of warm bread.

The menu is customizable, and it can be made vegetarian if you so desire. This restaurant has room for 64 people, and the meats are already on the grill by the time you get there.


If you love buffet-style foods, this is the place for you. The meal is eaten around large communal tables.

They also have a bar, and it can offer you wine, beers, and soft drinks. However, they don't have any liquor.

The food at this restaurant is very satisfying. However, it is the setting that makes this restaurant so unique.

Otherwise, The Raft floats close to Sedudu Island, which happens to be one of the islands in the Chobe region with the greatest amount of game.


On this island, you can see hippos, elephants, waterbucks, and other animals. So, you can feast your eyes on these exciting wild animals as you enjoy the delectable food they serve at The Raft.

Also, note that it is not just dinner you can enjoy at this restaurant. They are open from 11 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.