This Era Ruined Dating For Me

I grew up believing that I would someday find my prince charming, fall In true love, and live happily ever after with my prince, but then the reality of life hit me. It seems near impossible to find the right guy nowadays; One that will sweep you off of your feet, into a fairyland of happiness and love.

I have no type of guy really, I've dated all types, but it seems near impossible in this era to find the genuine guy who I've longed for. I want to still believe in the old-school ways —Men being courteous, caring, and loving without playing games with their women. I wish I could have been born in another era, where true love still exists and I wouldn't have to go through so much just to find the one. This era of dating is an absolute mess and it seems I do not belong here.

Technology makes a big impact on dating in today's world. From dating apps to sliding in someone DM's, it seems no one gets to know each other in real life first anymore. I've never been into the whole meeting online and then meeting up in person. I feel it would be awkward to not know if you have a connection with someone and just randomly meeting up and getting stuck on a date. I like to see a guy in public that I might have an interest in and meet the old fashion way —talking a bit and then exchanging numbers if we feel we've hit it off. I've eyed guys while in public and a few times in a bar, but it seems everyone is too caught up in their phones to notice any real-life connections. With technology and everyone being able to connect through it, makes it hard to compete with.

It seems that with the invention of smartphones, people have lost their minds! Guys sliding into every girl's inbox that they see, and girls posting how easy they are all over. It's scary to date guys because you never know how many girls he's got online or on his phone that he can call as soon as he wants. This goes the same for girls, many girls have backups, and side guys in their phone, just for a plan B — This could never be me!

Social media today has made one-night stands and jumping from partner to partner a trend, and I want more than that. People use sex as a sport anymore, but I want mine connected to love. Chilivary has gone out the window with men acting like they have no manners, commenting racy things, and sending unsolicited d*ck pictures. People live in a virtual world anymore, with men and women everywhere putting themselves out there, it doesn't seem like someone like me, who wants more than hookups and DMs, fits dating in this era.

Many also use social media and text to communicate things that should be communicated in real life, such as ending things in a relationship with their partners. Another old-fashioned thing I like, talking face to face and being an adult about things. I hate it when a guy I'm dating decides he is not feeling me anymore and doesn't give me the decency to talk to me face to face or even call. Instead, he decides to break up with me via text, or a Facebook message! To me that is cowardly, and I hear that's how things end in many relationships in this era. There seems to be no decency.

Social media has ruined dating and establishing real relationships, sex comes easy when you can do a simple search and find 10 people in your area who are out for the same. It's hard to find anyone who is honest anymore, because people don't feel the need to be when they can just move on from you to someone else, like a breeze.

I am not meant to date in the social media era, and I hope that it passes because it would be nice to find a guy who will be genuine and want a real-life connection with only me.