This Designer Uses Spines Of Books To Create Extraordinary Art-Inspired Dresses

Remember the famous phrase “dress to impress?” Well, this is certainly true in our daily lives; we always ensure we wear our most beautiful clothes and dresses. And, though the intentions may vary, the common denominator is that we want to “impress” someone.

Apparently, one French Creator and designer is taking this idea to a whole new level by using spines of books to create extraordinary dresses.

Sylvie Facon sews dresses just like any other designer does. But unlike ordinary fashioner, she crafts her gowns from pieces of stuff she has made herself, with such meticulous that they’d steal any catwalk. And by stuff, I mean book spines, among other textures.

That’s right. From old text to steampunk-inspired garment details, Sylvie uses different designs to craft dresses that you don’t usually see often.

Sylvie can imagine nearly everything and capture it in the fabrics of her incredible haute couture dresses. And the designs are well studied and often emphasize the woman’s body, shape, breasts and hips to highlight her beauty.

Apart from book spines, she also uses nature-inspired features that accompany and exalt feminine curves. The dresses have many details embroidered with great perfection and refinement, such that most women would dream of wearing them. Because, seriously, they’ all want to look and feel like a princess.

One of Sylvie’s most famous dresses is designed to represent and historic town in France called Hommage à Arras (“Homage to Arras”). The gorgeous gown is encrusted with lace and pearls, representing the beauty of French fashion and history.

Aiming to “master all stages, from the sketch to the last point,” Sylvie creates dresses that combine fine art with tailor-made fashion.

Like the spine of books and “Hommage à Arras,” her other dresses double as storytellers, and they showcase the bountiful beauty of ordinary objects and everyday sights.

Scroll down to see her beautiful works.