This Cloud Lamp Is The Coolest Thing Ever, It Creates A Thunderstorm Inside Your Bedroom

Many people like sleeping while it's raining. Richard Clarkson Studio has come up with the perfect innovation to transform your bedroom into a 'stormy' ambient that helps you sleep better.

Thunderstorms and rains are known to bring peace to your mind and body, and sometimes they can be strangely soothing. Richard Clarksons Studio tapped into this feeling and created a cloud lamp that simulates a thunderstorm right inside your bedroom.

It seems too good to be true, right? It's real, and you can have it in your room as well.

this cloud lamp is the coolest thing ever, it creates a thunderstorm inside your bedroom

Clarkson explained that their interactive speaker system and lap mimics thunderclouds in many aspects.

The Cloud lamp combines light and sound to create an indoor thunderstorm and is designed to look like a little cloud that hangs from your ceiling.

Lights flashes in different areas to replicate lightning, while speakers provide pretty damn convincing thunder.

When the thunder calls you

The designer explains:

"The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system, designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and entertainment. This cloud lamp detects a user's presence using motion sensors to create a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by their movement."

this cloud lamp is the coolest thing ever, it creates a thunderstorm inside your bedroom

The "cloud" turns on whenever you walk in the room, and the motion sensors ease the entire process. Get thunders and lighting in your very own bedroom!

The lamp is packed with full-motion sensors, microphones, and a speaker system. You can actually control the sounds and sensitivity to movements. The item is made from hypoallergenic fiberfill and releases light and music reactive modes.

Users also have full control over their cloud. Just take the wireless remote in your hands, and bring that storm in. The cloud lamp uses a Philips LED light to produce and mimic 'actual' lightning.

this cloud lamp is the coolest thing ever, it creates a thunderstorm inside your bedroom

The super cool lamp -speaker thing also has the nightlight mode option, which is perfect for people who sleep best to the soothing sounds of rain.

You can also install multiple lamps all over your ceiling. It looks like there's a 'sky in your bedroom.' It's so exciting.

The designer of this novelty lamp also explains that the users can use a high-quality speaker to stream music through Bluetooth from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital gadgets.

Feel free to adjust the brightness and color of your "storm."

Unfortunately, any dreams of a cloud-filled house are pretty quickly ruined by the fact that The Cloud costs a whopping $3,300. But if this is too much, you can get yourself non-interactive clouds for $960. There's also a "tiny" version.