this app will send you positive and motivational texts

No day is like another. You could be happy and celebrating today, thankful for the incredible gift of life, but sad and dejected tomorrow, struggling to understand the purpose of life.

That's life for you and me, and everyone goes through these ups and downs regardless of whether you are rich or poor, young or old, loved or hated.

Some days will be bliss, while others will be a struggle. During the hard days, you need a strong mental attitude to get through.

Depending on who you are, that could be a workout that drowns your sorrows, a project that takes your focus from whatever is troubling you, or a hobby that fills your day with amusement.

For those who could use some motivation and encouragement during these rough times, there is an app to help you out. Thanks to this app, many people's daily lives have changed for the better.

Many people can't find the motivation to pursue their goals because they are struggling with stress or negativity. Fortunately, with phones practically glued to our palms, it's easy to find something inspiring and life-affirming.

That's what the Shine app does for you.

All About Shine

This App Will Send You Positive And Motivational Texts
this app will send you positive and motivational texts

Shine is a handy app that is supposed to make you feel good and attain your happiness goals. It will also infuse you with the refreshing confidence you need to get through your day.

The app can send you messages and help you meditate in order to calm yourself down. Shine has over 800 meditations to help you deal with anxiety and stress.

This App Will Send You Positive And Motivational Texts
this app will send you positive and motivational texts

Basically, the Shine is a science-backed stress-reduction app that offers personalized self-care. The app will send affirmations, self-care advice, and some meditation.

The app also allows you to journal and read articles. With the premium membership, you can get real-time advice from other app users.

This is the coolest thing about the app. This digital community, or the Shine Squad, has millions of members, which means you will always get real-life support whenever you need it.

The best part is that it will only take a few minutes of your time to enjoy the fantastic benefits this great app can offer.

Every day, you can use this app for a few minutes to work on your mental health.

You can set the app to send messages at a specific time of the day, such as when you wake up. After all, the phone is the first thing people check when they get up in the morning.

Having the app to send you a positive message in the morning can make your day a whole lot better.

The App Was Founded By Naomi Hirabayashi And Marah Lidey

The two women who created Shine were fed up with not getting represented in mainstream wellness. They didn't like that their voices and skin tones were constantly overlooked in the wellness space.

According to the pair, the world is constantly changing, and political issues and natural disasters are increasingly weighing on people and affecting their quality of life.

They spoke to the media, saying that the app creates a way for users to "integrate self-care into their routine." With the app, users can enjoy a direct connection that helps them improve their daily well-being daily.

The Perfect App For Millennials

This App Will Send You Positive And Motivational Texts

According to the creators of the app, it is focused mostly on millennials, who have come to see wellbeing as an important habit. However, older generations tend to see wellbeing as a trend, which is why they might consider the benefits the app offers as optional.

Still, this app is great for everyone. Shine is designed to offer a very casual and personal tone that will address issues in a positive and effective way.

After all, each of us has demons they struggle with, and this app is precisely what they need to contain these setbacks. This app can be the guiding light we all need as we seek to live a more positive life.

Mental Health Is A Growing Concern

This App Will Send You Positive And Motivational Texts

Mental health continues to be an important issue in the world. While Shine is no substitute for professional help in mental health issues, it offers a way out for less serious mental struggles.

So, if you have a few of these struggles every day, Shine might just be what you need to get yourself back together. All you have to do is sign up and start receiving the self-care positive messages on your phone or mobile device.

You can also buy mindful meditation practices through the app, but there is still plenty you can gain from using this app without having to pay for any premium features.

So, don't be afraid to download the app if you feel like you could use a little positivity as you go through your day.

How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts

This App Will Send You Positive And Motivational Texts

Negativity starts within you, not what is happening around you. If you can maintain a positive mindset, then potentially stressful situations would not stress you out as much as they do.

One way to overcome negativity is to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. After a few tries, you should be pretty good at this.

For instance, instead of thinking, "I failed and embarrassed myself," you can think, "I am proud I tried. That took courage."

Similarly, rather than thinking "this will never work," you can say "I will give it all I have and it will work."

It is also pretty easy to remain positive with the right app urging you on even when things get hard. In particular, you can get Shine for free, but for premium membership, you can pay $11.99 a month.

With apps like Shine, you can try to regain a sense of drive, inspiration, and determination to keep going even when things are not going your way.