This Adorable Baby Born With Gray Hair Is Taking Over The Internet

We’re all unique in our own ways, and the world is a better place to live because of the diversity it abounds with.

Today, there’s very little wondering what your baby will look like and the physical relation, thanks to the advancement in baby scan technology.

But what doctors can’t show is your baby’s coloring, the color of their eyes, and how much hair they’ll have.

When baby Bence was born at a hospital in Hungary, he left his parents shocked and doctors scratching their heads.

this adorable baby born with gray hair is taking over the internet

This sweet bundle of joy wasn’t only born with a head full of hair, but his hair was gray.

And as the parents’ third child, they wondered what could have been the reason for this rare condition. Doctors ran a series of tests to determine the cause.

What’s more surprising is that the whole pregnancy and the giving birth process ran smoothly, with no complications. It was a normal birth.

Bence’s parents were interested in knowing whether their bundle of joy was healthy and were pleased to know he was well and happy. The child weighed at just under 12 pounds – which is slightly larger than the average weight, but not uncommon.

What took his parents by amazement was the fact that the baby’s hair was bright white.

this adorable baby born with gray hair is taking over the internet

Doctors decided to test the child’s vitals to ensure that he was as healthy as he seemed from the outside. Thankfully, check-ups were all positive, and the baby was perfectly healthy.

But there were still some questions floating around. What caused his hair to be SO white? Because the child didn’t even show any signs of albinism.

After testing Bence’s blood, the doctor in charge of Bence’s case, Dr. Zoltan Kummer, revealed that the baby’s blood did carry the low levels of melanin synonymous with albinism.

The doctor concluded that this low level contributed to Bence’s unique hair color.

Even so, this didn’t answer all of the questions, because the baby’s skin was unlike any other albino case. He wasn’t missing the pigment in the skin, only in his hair. reports:

“According to doctors, white hair in babies is, in fact, usually associated with genetics. Often, it can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or even mutant hair cells.”

Whatever the reason for this rare coloring on baby Bence’s hair, it’s winning the hearts of the internet and the hospital staff.

Workers at the hospital even nicknamed this beautiful baby “Prince Charming.”