This Ad Gone Big On Youtube For Two Huge Reasons

this ad gone big on youtube for two huge reasons

These days, you can never predict how people will react to what they see online. For example, an ad has gone viral on YouTube for two main reasons: the lady's ample bosom.

In fact, many people have no clue what the video is about, but they can't stop watching it again and again.

Here's the video:

The face of the infomercial, Juliana Morgan, can be seen wearing tight clothes. She is explaining the process that oil refineries have to go through when they have to do repairs or create new machinery.

She is actually pretty serious about making her viewers learn more about EPCM-psi, and for those able to focus on the presentation itself and not the woman's physique, she does a terrific job of explaining what the company does.

However, the comments had very little to do with the topic she was trying to explain. They focused mainly on the fact that Juliana was the video's main attraction, thanks to her ample chest.

In fact, lots of people find the video very interesting, and they couldn't hide their admiration for the beautiful lady. This was evident in the kind of comments people posted after seeing the video.

According to one commenter, the information Juliana presented on turnaround is the "breast" he's ever heard.

this ad gone big on youtube for two huge reasons
this ad gone big on youtube for two huge reasons
this ad gone big on youtube for two huge reasons

The company also has a Spanish and a Japanese version of the video, and it was just as "interesting" to the mainly male viewers. She is wearing different tops in these videos.

And here's the Japanese version of the video:

The video has received thousands of views. And although it discusses a rather mundane topic of oil refineries, many viewers could not get enough of this presentation.

But obviously, many people don't even get what the video is about. But that hasn't stopped them from watching the video countless times.

One YouTube viewer even confessed to having watched the video 17 times despite not having a clue what turnaround is.

The only thing that seems certain is that the video made Juliana Morgan more popular with viewers than the services she was trying to promote.