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This 21-Foot Inflatable Pink Limo Float Will Let You Lounge In Style All Summer Long


As summer approaches, I'm already dreaming of all the things I usually take for granted when it's here: wearing shorts and t-shirts, soaking up the sun (with sunscreen!), and having extra time in the evening. I can't wait to make the most of the season and I'm convinced that I need an inflatable pink limo float to do it right!

1. This Thing Is HUGE

The Member's Mark Retro Pink Limo Island is an enormous floating oasis – measuring 21 feet in length and 10.5 feet in width. This massive raft is ideal for those annual trips to the lake or other large bodies of water. Plus, there's plenty of room for six people to fit in comfortably and enjoy quality time with friends.

2. It Comes With Everything You Need For A Great Day In The Water

This retro pink limo float features built-in benches for comfort and six cup holders for drinks. Plus, you can store all your favorite snacks and beverages in the built-in cooler. With its convenient amenities, you can have fun without ever having to leave the water.

3. There Are So Many Great Details On This Thing

This retro limo float will take you right back to the '50s with its classic style. Details like the inflatable mirrors and windshield, the platform in the back, and the soft baby-pink color all add to the charm.

4. It's Super Easy To Inflate And Deflate

Inflating this massive float will require an electric pump. But, you'll be able to relax in luxury in no time. Plus, deflation is simple and fast with the easy-release valve, so you can quickly store it away for your next adventure.

5. If You Want Your Own Inflatable Pink Limo, You Can Get One At Sam's Club

This must-have summer accessory is available on the Sam's Club website for around $200 and can be delivered directly to your doorstep.