Things You Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of, Know Your Worth

Things You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of, Know Your Worth

Feeling ashamed is based on society's standards, but you, as an individual, have the power to change that by simply being yourself.

Guilt and shame should only be expressed if you're hurting someone. You cannot spend your life according to others, so why are you wasting it? If you're different, celebrate it, imagine if every single person on the planet was the same. What a bore!

Here are the most common feelings we shouldn't feel ashamed of, yet somehow we do. By acknowledging them, let's take away their powers!

Your job/education

Too many people lie about what they do for a living, or where they went to school.

You are doing your best, so what's with the need to impress others? Your job doesn't define you; it's a way to pay for your lifestyle.

Your emotions

If you show emotions, you must be weak. Well, that's the biggest misconception in the world's history because showing feelings means you're alive.

Feeling ashamed for having emotions is like apologizing for breathing. And it takes a lot of strength to show the world what's in your heart.

Your relationship history

If a man sleeps around, he's a hunk. Men are forced to lie about their conquests to impress others. What a sad world we live in, but wait, there's more!

If a woman likes to date and has sex on her terms, people will label her.

We lie about how many relationships we had, how long they lasted because we are ashamed. As if there's a precise number of romantic connections or sexual partners…Dating isn't science!

Your body

There's no such thing as a bikini body.

Be grateful for what you got. Yes, it's great to eat healthily and exercise, but not merely to lose weight. It's because you want to live longer and better.

Don't be ashamed of your body because there's no such thing as perfection, and more importantly, the more comfortable you feel in it, the more calmness will come to your life.

Confidence all the way!

Your talents

This world is full of fake people, who claim they are the answer, when in fact they are the problem.

The same people will make you feel ashamed of your knowledge because they are scared of you. Please don't give them the power to take away what genetics and hard work gave you.

Another thing we often do is pretend not to know something, to make someone else feel better. It seems like a kind gesture, but you're minimizing your worth.

Taking care of yourself

Do you meditate? Waste money at the SPA or getting massages? Guess what, you earned that money, and you meditate during your time, so what's the issue?

Stop being ashamed of what makes you unique. And please, never apologize or feel anything but pride for taking care of your body, mind, and soul.

Your dreams

This one is big: we all have dreams, but only a few come to live them. The same people didn't feel anything but hunger, drive to make their dreams come true.

If you're giving away your energy by hiding, even feeling ashamed of your dreams, you won't get far.

Shame comes hand in hand with guilt, discouragement, and eventually, you're a shadow of what you're supposed to be. You do you, the rest will fall into place.