Things You Should Look Out For In A Man Before You Agree To Date Him

Things You Should Look Out For In A Man Before You Agree To Date Him

Loving yourself as much as you can, lets you know just the right way a man should love and care for you. It means you won't have to settle for less. What it also means is that you won't have to force yourself to stay in a relationship that isn't working out. You choose yourself. When you choose yourself, you will come to terms with the fact that it might be better to stay single than to be in a relationship that drains you and makes you lose your self-worth. To choose yourself, you must be honest with yourself. Don't second-guess yourself or pretend to be who you are not.


These things will let you know what to look out for in a man before you agree to date him:

A man who likes you won't be afraid to say so. He will express his feelings for you with words and actions.

He has got your back.

He listens.

He doesn't invalidate your feelings when you try to communicate how you feel to him.

He respects you and your decisions. When the two of you disagree, he doesn't make his opinions the superior ones. He tries to reason with you.


He doesn't claim ownership of your body. He prefers to please you sexually rather than be pleased. Watching you orgasm delights him.

He is patient.

He knows you're your own person. So, he respects that you need to go out and do fun things on your own.

He protects you. He protects you when you go to the bar, to a party and when you have had way too much to drink. He protects you in a way that makes you let him.


He seeks your consent on a regular basis. He respects when you say no. The last thing he will do is take advantage of you.

He is not manipulative. He doesn't try to get you to do what you would rather not do.

When you quarrel, he makes an effort to settle it.

With him, 'first dates' never ends. He plans dates for both of you. There is always a surprise somewhere. He takes you to places where he really loves to hang.


He introduces you to the best people in his life.

You know you are an important person in his life when he starts including you in his plans, short-term, and long-term goals.

When he screws up, he doesn't act like a 'man-baby'. He takes responsibility for his actions and apologizes.

He doesn't hold grudges after an argument. He makes sure to talk about it until it is resolved.


He brings out the best in you, always cheering you on.

He makes sure that you always feel safe and comfortable whenever you're together.