Things You Might Be Doing To Sabotage Your Relationship

Things You Might Be Doing To Sabotage Your Relationship

Most problems begin with unrealistic expectations on both parts. This mostly happens to women who get into a relationship young or don't have much experience when it comes to relationships. When you have an unrealistic view of each other, it can lead to frustration, anger, and disappointments. Perhaps your problem in your relationship as a woman is because of the unrealistic expectations you have with your partner in your relationship.

Unsolicited advice

Let's face it; no one likes being told what to do. Unsolicited advice is offering advice that no one asked for. You may have good intentions, but it can be very annoying. In the long run, it can be a very destructive habit to get into. An example of unsolicited advice could be, "I hate that shirt that you're wearing" or perhaps, "You look terrible in green." Both seemingly innocent comments, but consider how this probably sounds to the other person. What if they love that shirt or green is their favorite color. This can drive a wedge into any relationship. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid this relationship pitfall. When in doubt, err on the side of caution, and try to be considerate of the other person.

Putting your partner on a pedestal

It can be devastating to wake up one morning and realize that the person you are relating to is not as perfect as you thought they were. People who get into a relationship without really getting to know each other can expect to have problems in their relationship.

What happens is typical that people only show their best side at the beginning of the relationship and hide their faults for a long time. To avoid problems like this, you can take the relationship slow and avoid putting your significant other on a pedestal. It's unrealistic and unfair to put your man on a pedestal when they are humans too!

Expecting a fairy tale

Fairy tales are only great for kids, but you have to recognize that they are nothing but fantasies. Even though Cinderella and Prince Charming married happily in the castle at the end of the story, we don't get to see what happens inside after a few years of being married together. For all we knew, Cinderella could have shattered her glass slipper when she threw it at Prince Charming for coming home late and drunk.

A perfect relationship does not exist and the person who strives for one is only going to crash and burn down the road. The reality of it is that relationship takes hard work and love won't cultivate it on its own. You have to take action every day to nurture your relationship as well as learn to grow together. You may not always get along with your spouse and may disagree on many things. It's okay, though, as long as the two of you recognize, respect, and appreciate each other's differences. Once you accept this, your relationship will be as peaceful as the sea after a raging storm.

Don't ever lose hope when you have conflicts in your relationship. What you can do is change your expectations with your guy. Yes, a relationship is hard. Learning how to grow with someone you commit yourself to is what relationships are all about. If people changed their expectations and made them more aligned with reality, fewer problems in their relationship would occur.

You over-communicate

Your boyfriend is supposed to be your best friend and support you through thick and thin. But that doesn't mean that you have to tell them everything you're thinking all the time. People have different communication styles and men typically have less of a need to vocalize and talk about things than women do.


Everyone needs varying amounts of personal space, alone time, and privacy. When you're in a serious relationship as a woman, you're going to want to share everything. However, it's still a good idea to respect the other person's boundaries and give them some room to breathe. Let's say your boyfriend wants to go out with some friends one night. Rather than running through a list of questions (perhaps even noble ones), try wishing them a good night and be supportive of their personal time. If this hasn't been par for the course in your relationship, they'll find it a breath of fresh air.