Things You May Not Realize You Do Because You’ve Been Hurt Too Much

Getting your heart broken can be one of the most devastating experiences ever. The emotional distress that it causes is enough to bring out “the beast” in even the most gentle of souls. These are things you might be doing without even realizing it because you’ve been hurt too much.

You don’t trust people

When you get hurt so many times, you tend to lose faith in people’s motives toward you. You are no longer willing to open up to people you meet because you are afraid that you might be putting yourself up for another heartbreak.

You blame yourself

When everybody you meet seems to be leaving you for other people, you suddenly start to look at your faults as opposed to your partner’s. Even when you are innocent, you feel like you are the problem, given that you are the common denominator in all these same relationship endings.

You settle for the wrong people

You’ve been through so much emotional hurt that your feelings start to take a back seat. You no longer prioritize what you want in a relationship when meeting new people. The result is that you end up with people who are not willing to invest their emotions into the relationship.

You stopped believing in love

You began to look at love as a myth. Given your adopted state as a “hopeless romantic,” you don’t react well to questions about your love life. It may even propel you to laugh off a friend’s claim about being “in love.”

You exert revenge unknowingly

A heartbreak can bring out our not so likable nature! Given your current distrust in people, you might be blinded by the good intentions of a new suitor. All you see is heartbreak in waiting, so you are not emotionally invested in new relationships. You, therefore, end up hurting the other person and the worst part is that you don’t even realize it.

You might slip into substance abuse

In trying to get your mind off the heartbreak and your ex, it’s possible that you might look for any distractions you can get. Most emotionally hurt people will find themselves drinking a lot, smoking, or even taking a lot of sleeping pills to try and get over or sleep off the hurt they are going through. Before you know it, you have become a drug abuser.

You’ve become a perfectionist

Some people end up becoming perfectionists as a result of broken relationships. You adopt a new lifestyle with specific standards that you might have picked from your failed relationship. This is especially true if your ex-lover blames you for the fallout, so you want to do away with all the behaviors and little mistakes that drove him away from you.

You’ve become emotionally vulnerable

You lose control over your emotions, and it becomes easy for people to manipulate you. You try to get in new relationships to prove that you’re not the problem. This places you in a vulnerable position where the slightest display of interest is perceived as an invitation to an emotional relationship.